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BIRKIN bag leather very stiff and delicate

Posted Jul 06 2011 8:07am

Indeed, regardless of whether it is Hermes waiting list before the marketing campaign strategy, Hermes Bags top luxury names package status has long been stable, even with more spending power of consumers will feel the dust. A senior buyer, said: "Once upon a time, I also" Bringing Home the Birkin (the Birkin bag to take home), "the book's author Michael Tonello made a written purchase Birkin taboo the people, take a bumbling LIST wandering alone in the Hermes counter, but had nothing to buy just asked whether or not Birkin, the reply clerk natural frosty. Tonello said Birkin waiting list is empty, because in 2005 he had three months to get over 130 Birkin bag. may then read his book carefully will find that it is more like a travel or a novel, he is contracted out to specialized Daomaidaomai Birkin social circle of celebrities, or those on Ebay looking for the next home, so in order to purchase Birkin, he smashed a lot of money naturally, the year it takes more than a million dollars for the purchase of the Birkin bag, and each time asked Hermes Sale to counter in the shop before he would be spending $ 2,000 or more, Hermes traveled more than 100 stores around the world airfare plus hotel accommodation for high security cost is huge and you can do like him? Anyway, I can not, I do not top VIP than those who Moreover, we also have Hermes counter from the clerk to office manager of the whole network of relationships is good, this is very troublesome, because I never liked the luxury part of the counter in the eyes squint. "

Hermes Birkin Bag 30CM Black Golden

So the final analysis, there is simply waiting list, in purchasing power permitting, with luck and had to learn the full use of communication, which is why even the celebrities will be put on Ebay to find the spot of the seller, expensive for the celebrities, nature does not care to pay a cash fee. "The problem is the Hermes Birkin bag on Ebay it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, high imitate genuine sellers are sometimes mixed with shops, announced the name is not here." Mini-M continued, "As for domestic consumers, such as the Milan station of similar transactions can be considered second-hand, but I want to hand Birkin ah! Also I'm not second-hand shop on the network of child care, but like and Gilt these sites is quite formal enough reliable, and The key is if these sites are usually divided Birkin selling authentic brand new and second-hand two, and two kinds of network sales Birkin Hermes Bag or a lot of potential, provided that the formal channels is guaranteed, a professional trading site of authentic luxury to buy protection was enough at ease. "

France and Italy, the entire top surface of leather hides from Cattle, Ushimata, cow belly, bracket mixed grain calf is small, because the indicators from cattle in different parts of the body and different, such as bovine jugular lines will appear on Shu Wen, Cattle at the tension better, cattle at the soft belly. Togo (natural hard) and Epsom (hard processing, light) leather stiffness of a type, draw anti-wear; Swift is smooth and soft but easily scratched. Box is polished after processing, texture symmetry small, smooth and bright color even after it is Hermes Birkin and Kelly were originally chosen material quality, scratch-resistant but not waterproof not. Taurillon Clémence light texture and less than Togo Togo soft. Small cowhide Fjord soft and very water resistant. BIRKIN was born in 1984, when the plane encountered HERMES president of the French female singer, JEAN BIRKIN, she complained that, as president, and now can not find well-crafted and practical large bag, then president of HERMES for her expertise on designed a handbag, and in her name to the named. BIRKIN bag leather very stiff and delicate, while capacity is also Bi Kaili package (Kelly Bag) come much bigger, so Jane - Parkinson can take baby and other debris, so you do not put too large Discount Hermes Bag. The time is usually tailor-made to wait several years to become classics ladies competing to buy a myth. Is an irreplaceable work of art.

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