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Posted Jul 03 2009 3:43pm
My favourite part of the day is when I get up in the morning, make coffee and log on to my blogging dashboard. Then I read what everyone is up to. Some mornings there may only be one or two posts to look at, then, usually after a weekend, there are half a dozen or so. What would I do without you all to help me start my day?

Today it is raining gently and the temperature has dropped by about five degrees. Blessed relief. I have no internal thermostat any more. I get very cold when I rest, so, lizard-like I've been sitting out in the sun to warm up. After about ten minutes the heat sends me scuttling for cover. Yesterday there was no chance of feeling cold so I stayed under my rock all day.

I'm starting to settle down in my new home. It is taking forever to unpack and it will be another few weeks yet before I have it how I want it. The blue shelves are up and running and my next project is a self-assemble pine bookcase which will also get the Duck Egg treatment.

As I sit here writing I can hear birdsong: a chiff chaff, some sparrows, at least one blackbird and some crows. There is a songthrush lives nearby and he or she will be giving it their all a little later I expect. It is so beautiful. We have swifts here too, teams of them scream round in squadrons - there they go. There's a nest in the brickwork above my flat.

I'd better get on I suppose, I'm already eating into first rest time.

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