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Belstaff Icon Jackets Belstaff Jackets Mens

Posted Aug 08 2011 1:42am
A farmer went into town to sell the donkey and goats. A goat tied with a neck a small bell. Three thieves saw, a thief said: "I go to steal the sheep, call the farmer found." Another thief said: "I want to hand brought the stolen from the farmer." Third thief said: "it is not difficult, can I Belstaff Jackets Storesale belstaff leather jackets put the farmer clothes all stolen."

The first approached quietly, the goat bell solution down and tied to the donkey tail, and then put the sheep go. The farmer in turning around to look around the goats, found missing, he started his search.

Then the second thief walked to the farmer, Belstaff JacketsShop Belstaff for Men ask him looking for before what, the farmer said he lost a goat. The thief said: "I see your goats, just have a person take a goat to the forest, now walked catch him." The farmer begged the thief to help him take the donkey, oneself go after goats. The second thief took the opportunity to put the man go.

The farmer from the woods to come back a look, Belstaff Icon JacketsBelstaff Jackets Mens the donkey was gone, is on the road to walk side cry. Walked along, he saw the pond sat a man, also in tears. The farmer asked what happened to him.

The man said: "somebody else let me put a bag of gold to city, was tired, I sit and rest in the pond, fell asleep, in dream that pocket to push the water." The farmer asked him why he won't Women Belstaff BootsCheap Belstaff Jackets Womens go down the bags, pulled up. The man said: "I fear water, because I can't swim, who will give this a bag of gold pulled up. I'll send him twenty pounds of gold."

The farmer exultation, thought: "just because someone stole my goats and the donkey, god only give me happiness." Then, he takes off his clothes and went under the water, but he no Belstaff jackets UK Outlet StoreBelstaff jackets uk store matter how to also can not find that a bag of gold. When he climbed from the water came up, it was found that the clothes disappeared. It is the third thief put his clothes stolen.

This is life three big trap: carelessness, credulity, greed.
He met her on a party, she was young and beautiful, belstaff outlet usaBelstaff Store Online side have a lot of pursuers, while he was a very ordinary person. Therefore, when at the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with a piece of hou, she was surprised, however, due to being polite, she promised.

Sitting in a cafe, between two people is the atmosphere was very embarrassed, not what topic, she just wanted to end as soon as possible. But when miss came up out of the coffee, but he suddenly say: Belstaff onlineBelstaff Outlet"trouble you with some salt and come, I drink coffee habit to put some salt." At the time, she leng, miss also leng, all eyes were concentrated at him, and that he's got red in the face.

Miss salt, he took the put a in, drink slowly. She is very heavy woman, curiosity and very curiously ask him: "why do you want to add salt?" He was silent for a moment, very slow is almost a word to say: "when I was a child, my family lives in the sea, I always in the sea bubble, the waves call, of sea water surged into his mouth, and a bitter and salty. Now, for a long time didn't go home, coffee, even want to salt home of a kind of expression of it." She was Belstaff Jackets Outlet Online Salebelstaff online shop suddenly moved, because, this is the first time she heard the man in front of her home, want to say to the house of a man must be a family man, and the man must be a devoted family man. She suddenly have a talk with him about the desire, in far away, the home of the atmosphere, gradually becomes harmonious up, two people had a long chat, and she did not reject him to send her home.

After again, two people frequently dating, she found he is actually a very good man, magnanimous, careful and thoughtful, accord with what she appreciate all of the great man should have characteristics. She inwardly rejoice, thanks to the polite at that time, just have no and he passed by. She took him to The Times of the city every cafe, Belstaff Men Leather JacketsBelstaff jackets UK Outlet Store every time she said: "please take some salt? My friend like salt coffee." And then, like fairy tale books written by the same, "the prince and the princess married, lived a happy life ever since." They do have a happy, and one is DuoNian forty, until he died shortly before the sick.

The story seems to be over, and, if not, the letter said.

The letter was written before his death, he is writing her: "forgive I've been deceived you, still remember the first time you coffee? When atmosphere terrible, I very uncomfortable, also very nervous, not knowing how to think, to actually take some salt said miss, actually I don't add salt, at that time since said it, I just went ahead....... Belstaff jackets outlet uk storeWomen Belstaff Boots I never expected I'd caused your curiosity, the decline, let me drink half salt coffee. Have a good DuoCi, I want to tell you, but I'm afraid you will get angry, the more afraid you will therefore leave me. Now I finally not afraid, and the dead is always very easy to forgive, right? This life get you is my biggest happiness, if there is an afterlife, and I also hope to marry to you, just, I don't want to drink salt coffee, salt coffee, you don't know, that taste, how difficult it is to drink!" The content of the letter to her surprise, also let her have seed be cheated. However, he didn't know, how much she wanted to tell him: "how happy she is, someone to her, can make such a life deceit."

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