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Beats By Dre Michael Jackson Trade Union

Posted Oct 29 2012 3:27am
In this way, director Wang, you send a Beats By Dre Maserati bulletin, Hue Qin retired workers of the factory, in the hands of the stock, and we have received. Our King and Director of cooperation, not a spar on a sale, we would like to make long term friend, our investment in the secondary market Hue Qin cement, Director of Wang’s ability is, and these good efforts of employees, we believe that the Hue Qin cement future. Director Wang thought for a while.
The next day, announcements made by the Beats By Dre Michael Jackson Trade Union, said Union contacted the foreign stock companies, in order to resolve family difficulties for some workers and retirees buy original unit of the staff on hand. Monster Beats Headphones, and Reus Lupine brought the cash factory rest house, unexpectedly, after a 10-point, spread of mouth, those workers are coming. We consciously in line a long, Union officials let the row teams, retired.
Many workers also come without Beats By Dre Superman difficulties, these workers are forced to pay to participate in fund-raising and took stock, covered already in hand for years, these stocks for them, is about a piece of waste paper. They also heard about the possibility of listing, of course, but few of them have fried unit, most do not know what procedures, don’t even know the market price of the stock, just heard that after listing are basically in the fall.
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