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Posted Aug 16 2010 12:00am
Time for a quick post before I get on with some stuff.

We went on a bat walk the other night. I belong to a community group that is working to preserve and open up an old woodland garden. We won some funding to put on events and the bat walk was the first one. I wasn't really looking forward to it to tell you the truth. It was scheduled for 8pm and I wasn't sure how I'd cope with the walking and standing. We took Little R along too, and he can be a monumental pain in the backside. So, all in all, I was Mrs Grumpy Pants but fixed a smile in place. I felt it was important to go and support the event and didn't want to let the side down. But, guess what, of course I really enjoyed it. It took a while to get going and even see any bats. We had these bat detectors which pick up the high frequency emitted by the bats and translate it into a sound the human ear can hear. (btw, I never noticed the word 'ear' in 'hear' before). You can tell by the frequency of the sound what the species of bat is and I'd had no idea there were so many different ones.

We saw bats and the children were captivated. There was one point where we were all looking over the Shropshire countryside, the moon was peeking out behind behind a pink cloud, and the evening star was just visible. The bat lady said it would be good if one could just swoop over her head, and it happened, as if she was some sort of bat whisperer! An interesting fact -  if you stand around in the dusk on a humid night, insects will gather over your head and attract the bats. Which is why people think they are going for your hair.

By this point my back was burning and AJ was getting tired of carrying Little R, so we made a quiet exit. As we returned to our house, another bat swooped in, just to punctuate the evening. Perfect.

Generally I'm still struggling with low energy and lowish mood. My sinuses are still pretty bad and the anti Bs and the nasal irrigation do not, at this point, appear to be making a lot of difference. But I shall perservere.  Right! Lots of community group paperwork to do today. Must get on.
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