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Approved for Social Security Disability

Posted Jan 31 2013 7:22pm
People keep asking me whether I have heard back yet, since my final hearing on Social Security disability back in December.

Yes, my letter came in the mail a couple of weeks ago: "Fully Favorable Decision."

It is a bittersweet success, though, which is probably why I haven't said anything. I have very mixed feelings about it. I was approved for just 3 years' back benefits with no on-going benefits. It's a long story, but the bottom line is that it came down to making a choice between an almost-certain "no" or a good possibility of a "yes." My husband and I agreed with my lawyer that something would be far better than nothing.

And that strategy worked - I was approved. But it still stings that I wasn't able to ask for or get what I really deserve - back benefits for 11 years plus on-going benefits.

So, yes, I was approved - yay.  Now we wait another 30 days to find out how much, then another 30 days to get a check. We have no idea how they'll calculate this, since I made a good salary as a consultant 13 years ago, before I got sick, and very meager earnings since then freelance writing.

I do highly recommend hiring a lawyer to take you through the entire process. I doubt very much I would have won without him; his advice was very helpful every step of the way and his office handled a LOT of the paperwork, faxing, etc.. The way it works is that you don't pay anything unless you get approved; then the lawyer gets a small percentage of your benefits.
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