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Appointment with GP

Posted Jun 24 2008 5:06pm


I’m almost at the end of my magic adrenaline energy. So, I’ll keep it quick. Please allow me a few days to respond your comment as I shall be in bad payback for a while.


The Medical Centre was joyfully decorated with blue and maroon balloons. It was the second match of theState of Originon Wednesday. It is traditional rugby match between Queensland and New South Wales. The colour of maroon represents Queensland and blue represents New South Wales.

In their waiting area, they now have two couches where sick patients can wait comfortably. I was not well from the efforts of getting out, and I was having breathing problem even on the comfortable couch.

The receptionist noticed and asked if I was getting sick. I laughed and replied that it was my normal. But I assured her that I was comfortable and horizontal enough on the couch and no need to lie down.

Dr TL greeted me and complimented I looked well. Even when I am struggling, I don’t take his compliment as offend at all. I know him well now that he is not the kind of person who consciously hurt people’s feelings.

His desk was getting more crowded by medical gadgets.

We caught up with how things in my life. I’m not sure if it is okay, but he makes me feel I’m talking with my friend these days. He just doesn’t have this superior attitude that many medical practitioners posses.

He filled the Ambulance Transport request form for me. I noted he clearly written down “appointment time” next to “Time” on the form without my request. Last time, there was confusion between pick up time and appointment time, and it ended up with rather stressful situation for me.

I had a little list of things I wanted to ask, but we run out of time. So I will bring them up at next appointment. In my condition, nothing is really urgent. Good thing is that there is always next time and he always welcomes my questions. The question I usually ask him is rather general questions, and sometimes silly. He always kindly educates me in plain English and with examples with his rich knowledge, which I enjoy. One day, I would be able to declare that I am a person with medical common sense.

After the appointment, the receptionist faxed the Ambulance Transport request form for me. I’m almost ready for the MRI on Monday. And hopefully, there won’t be anything frustrates me until it’s all done.


This is not the Haiku I gave him yesterday. But I felt like posting it again.


Musical voice, calming smile

Confident air from compassionate eyes

Healing souls like summer sunrise


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