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Anyone have high calcium levels or parathyroid tumors?

Posted by Patty B.

It's been years since I felt normal.  Years of fatigue, severe leg pain, poor sleep, and light nausea interferring with eating properly. Recently I had another episode of racing heart, severe nausea and HBP at 2 am. A neighbor took me to the Urgent Care Center in town. 

Lab results showed high calcium, low renal function.  DR said to follow up and have my PCP look into parathyoid problems.  I was told that high calcium usually appears when a parathyroid gland has a tumor.  Reading online says exactly the same.  These 4 little glands behind the thyroid tightly regulate calcium. Norman Parathyroid Center had a wonderful website explaining how common this problem is and how to cure it.


So has anyone come across this at all?  I'm calling for the second set of lab results today.   


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