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Posted Apr 22 2010 12:00am
Hey People,

In my post last week I said that I was starting to look at stress and stressors. I am on a mission now to understand the whole world of stress - stressors, biology, humans and stress, mind body and stress, fight or flight.... and so on. 

This is all going to take time to work through. As you know I have started this by going back to therapy, but also I am trying to truly learn how to rest/relax deeply, instead of just intellectualizing it and not fully following though with it - hence all the research. This is one of the main reasons I haven't been blogging as much lately, or even writing comments on peoples blogs (although I have been reading them), or sometimes not replying to comments on my own; I've realized that I have been doing too much - generally pushing all the time.

I intend on writing a lot about this subject over the next while. So, to get started - a little biology : )


"The body has an ideal level of oxygen that it needs, an ideal degree of acidity, and ideal temperature, and so on. All these different variables are maintained in homeostatic balance, the state in which all sorts of physiological measures are being kept at the optimal level. The brain, it has been noted, has evolved to seek homeostasis.

A stressor is anything in the outside world that knocks you out of homeostatic balance, and the stress response is what your body does to reestablish homeostasis.

But when we consider ourselves and our human propensity to worry ourselves sick, we have to expand on the notion that stressors merely being things that knock you out of homeostatic balance. A stressor can also be the anticipation of that happening". 

          Robert M. Sapolsky, Why Zebras don't get ulcers.

Now this is just a little something to get started. I could go on and on, but if I do I will end up collapsing in to bed, which is what usually happens after I write a post and ignore the signs my body is giving me, and I'm trying to change all that!!!

Quickly, back to the quote. The obvious question arises; What kind of anticipating do I do that can be seen as stressors??? This is an area of the physiological process/goings wrong that I may(most certainly) can do something about, whilst I'm waiting to get allllll the rest sorted out. A good example might be what is involved in thinking about traveling alone tooo.....,  anywhere really for me - standing around in airports, noise, etc. As you all know the list goes on. So begins the process of becoming aware of how my 'anticipatory thoughts' might be adding to the whole problem with this illness.

In my next post I want to talk about the 'Fight or Flight response'. And, we all know the craziness surrounding where this has been stuck on in us with this illness. For example quickly to mention, just because I put up that post about constipation yesterday. Did you know that during the stress digestion is inhibited! There is no time for that - the body feels that it has more important business to attend to......

That's all for no folks. Must dash.......

Hope you're all well...

Treya : )

P.S. Awaiting results from IGENEX for a lot of different tests I got done. Sent my bloods there two weeks ago. I'm not holding out for anything.... If something does show up, I shall be pleasantly surprised!!

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