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Another One Bites the Dust

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:01pm
Things are looking pretty grim at our house this week.

Jamie was severely crashed all weekend and is still home from school. He's spent 4 full days lying on the couch reading. Thank goodness for reading! I think he's on his fourth book since Saturday.

I felt much better Saturday, but it only lasted about 36 hours, then I went into yet another bad crash. This is now 4 weeks in a row for me. I'm grateful that I, so I''ve had a few breaks on the weekends, but I'm getting pretty sick of this. I woke up this morning worse than ever, with my throat so sore I could barely speak and every inch of my body aching horribly. Jamie's on the couch, so I've set myself up lying across a couple of beanbag chairs on the floor. I hope Jamie gets better soon - he has his PSAT exam tomorrow and a full-day field trip to the Renaissance Faire on Thursday.

After all the excitement over last week's CFS news, I allowed myself to daydream a little this weekend...what would happen if this new finding actually leads to a cure? But today I feel like it's back to reality.
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