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Angry Patient

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:03pm

There was an angry patient in the waiting room… It was obvious that she made the waiting room atmosphere sombre. She made me stressed out as I had no choice but listen to her anger. It sucked out my very limited energy, too.

She slammed her bag on the side table with anger several times, and was stomping her feet on the floor. I wanted to say something to her like she would appreciate for having a great doctor like Dr TL if she suffer from serious illness and she wouldn’t mind waiting for him for hours and hours. But I kept quiet as I didn’t want to cause any trouble…

She was ridiculing the long wait and whingeing she has wasted her whole day in the waiting room. She hasn’t been waiting for an hour yet. *rolling my eyes*

Please don’t whinge in front of me when you only wasted one day! She almost made me angry. Be careful! Anger is contagious.

She was indirectly harassing fellow patients and receptionist. I couldn’t stop thinking how childish she was. The little girl in the waiting room was more patient than she is…

It was a relief when she finally called. The atmosphere of the waiting room suddenly became happy. When she came out after the long consultation, she was sheepish. I’m sure Dr TL saved her life.

Yet, she never said thank you, nor smiled.

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