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All hopped up on drugs...Lyme drugs, that is ;)

Posted Jun 13 2012 1:31am
I finally got my prescription for all my medications filled after much battling with the insurance company. Although they had originally approved Zithromax through 2013, they now say they made an error because they only allow 60 days worth of pills for treating Lyme. So my doc prescribed Doxycycline instead and I am not happy about it. I have to avoid being out in the sun, right when summer is starting! If I don't, I risk some sort of toxicity from the drug and developing a painful, ugly rash that takes weeks to resolve. Sigh. I was so looking forward to sunning myself on the weekends; so little to look forward to and now even less, especially since my beaux is out of town for the next 2.5 months. Oh well, more sacrifice for the hope of getting better I guess! I started the 2nd antibiotic, Suprax, one week ago. No huge changes. And I started Amantadine tonight, though I just read that it can cause insomnia and I'm particularly sensitive to that. Oops, guess I shouldn't have taken it so late in the day :( So I'm on 3 rather hardcore meds (at least for me, who hates taking anything unnatural) poor liver, I don't know how it's going to handle this!

Anyway, I was searching for info on the internet on Amantadine. It's supposed to target the cystic form of Lyme (Lyme turns into a cystic form when it feels it is threatened in its environment...e.g. attacking it with antibiotics). Once it's in its cystic form symptoms appear to be resolve, but after 4-6 weeks or after the threat has disappeared the Lyme returns back to its spirochete form, symptoms return, and, well, welcome back to hell. Point is, during my search, I came across this article on treatment of Chronic Lyme on the treatment approach taken by the doctor (MD) who started the CFS clinic that I go to! It was a nice read and a summary of the plan of attack the clinic uses to treat Lyme. It's a multi-system  approach (immune system, hormones, etc), which from my experience seems to work (I've experienced slow, but steady improvement since I've been going there).

I also bought a few of the herbs in the "Core Protocol" listed in  Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Coinfections  (the book I was raving about in this post ). I am excited to start taking them! I'll give more info later :)

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