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Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation (AHMF) Flow Cytometer Appeal

Posted Sep 03 2012 5:40am

My local fellow MEite, Sarah shared a very interesting information that Dr Don Staines’ medical hypothesis of CFS as Vasoactive Neuropeptides Autoimmunity could be tested if he has an access to the latest model of Flow Cytometer. If the hypothesis is proven, possible treatment would be Rituximab. This is the hypothesis worthy to be tested as Rituximab is being trialed as an effective treatment for pwME/CFS with autoimmunity component.

What is stopping him is that the machine would cost about A$250,000. Until the research team can afford it, there is no chance for the hypothesis to be tested.

So, we got all excited and disappointed…

Flow Cytometer is the machine that was used for the recent Bond Uni Biomedical Research into ME/CFS to confirm low NK Cell activity in pwME/CFS. Just like any other Plant & Equipment in businesses, this proud Flow Cytometer has its useful life and will eventually need to be replaced with a new machine. It is a very important machine to further biomedical researches into ME/CFS.

Soon after the discussion with Sarah, I got very excited again because  Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation  (AHMF) has started the specific fundraising drive called Flow Cytometer Appeal.

Invest in ME in the UK, who keeps very close contact with AHMF, kindly joined the appeal and collecting donations from UK residents.

Since AHMF doesn’t have online donation facility, ME/CFS Australia (Vic, Tas, NT) joined the appeal to facilitate online donation for those who are housebound and cannot post AHMF’s donation form. Please make sure you instruct your donation is for AHMF Flow Cytometer Appeal.

It’s all happening!

Please spread the word about this important Appeal. And if you can, please donate for our future and hope.

Thank you.


Note 1

Some of you may remember that once pilot study at Simmaron Research in the US is completed, Flow Cytometer will assist the historic ME/CFS biomedical research in Australia. (Just a reminder that Simmaron Research is still fundraising to complete the pilot study .)


Note 2

To donate Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation directly, please print out this donation form , fill your information and post it with your donation to the address provided on the form.


Note 3

Just in case, your ME/CFS brain got very confused…, this is how to donate online via ME/CFS Australia (Vic, Tas, NT)

Message from Alison Copley, CEO ME/CFS Australia (Vic, Tas, NT)

MECFS research, Flow Cytometer appeal at PHANU RE Online Donations
Hi every-one, I have been in contact with AHMF MECFS VicTasNT are now able to take online donations for the Flow Cytomter
 see red donate button on home page Please tag your donation in special message ‘flow cytometer’. 100% of your donation is guaranteed to go directly to the flow cytometer, any problems phone the office 03 9791 3100 or email Hope this helps, regards Alison


Note 4

Related articles to understand the importance of AHMF Flow Cytometer Appeal to continue and further biomedical researches into ME/CFS.

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Phoenix Rising: PHANU Rising II: Dr. Marshall-Gradisnuk Talks on Rituximab, Biomarkers and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Medical Hypothesis: Is chronic fatigue syndrome an autoimmune disorder of endogenous neuropeptides, exogenous infection and molecular mimicry?


Note 5

Organisations that are in collaboration with AHMF Flow Cytometer Appeal

Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation  (Australia)

Invest in ME  (UK)

ME/CFS Australia (Vic, Tas, NT)  (Australia)

Simmaron Neuroimmune Research Foundation  (US) *

* Simmaron Research is not collaborating with AHMF Flow Cytometer Appeal, however, it is collaboration with Bond Uni/PHANU in actual biomedical research. And they also need your donation to further biomedical researches into ME/CFS.

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