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Activity list

Posted Sep 20 2010 12:00am
Well this was an interesting exercise. As I was making the list I realised I am exceeding my limits quite often and not giving myself enough time to recover.  I need to recommit to 3 daily half hour rests and think about pacing. Nothing to beat myself up about though. Just make some adjustments.

As if by magic the Universe (in the shape of Sue Jackson) brings this article to my attention just after I posted. Post Exertional Malaise: Power to the People

Inspired by Shelli here is my baseline activity list (PEM = post-exertional malaise)
Things I can do which are energy giving or neutral and don't trigger PEM:
watch TV
leisure stuff on the computer e.g reading blogs
sit outside
rest listening to radio drama
wash, clean teeth and dress
prepare and eat snacks

Activities I can include on a normal baseline day with two or three half hour rests for recovery shower, hair wash and dress
wash dishes once
cook two simple meals
process one load of laundry
a one hour phone call with friend
walk to compost bin
read for an hour in bed
write blog
watch birds from house
small amount of admin for community group
If I want a trip out, say to the supermarket I have to lose a couple of activities from the above list.

Activities that trigger moderate PEM that I feel the next day but I can still function counselling session

one hour driving

craft group
other social gathering with chance to rest
short community group meeting
eating out with partner

doctor's appointment
sex (if it ever happens)
stretching routine
clothes shopping
intensive computer work e.g writing minutes and emailing them out
light gardening - e.g planting out tray of six to twelve bedding plants

Activities which trigger major PEM with pain and prevent normal functioning, often with a two or three day delayed onset of symptoms journey of more than three hours duration
social gathering without chance to rest
outdoors drawing workshop
a bike ride
dancing to radio for half a song
heavier gardening
window cleaning
extreme emotion
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