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A weight off my shoulders!!

Posted Nov 05 2010 12:00am

Hey People,

I’m still on cloud nine following my engagement. I like things this way. That is, happy clouds as opposed to dark gloomy lurking heavy clouds… I finished my second week of treatment yesterday. This was nicely finished off by me collecting my engagement ring yesterday (on the left), which I looooove! It wasn’t as bad as last month. I was on Flagyl 200mg three times a day, and tetralycal 300mg twice a day. I was expecting it to be worse as I was put on flagyl last year following my Lletz procedure and I had a very strong reaction to it. Also I was feeling so awful the week before my treatment that anything would have been better than that. My doc said I had bronchitis again with pleurisy (you were right Joanne). So it was my lung that was causing the pain.

I haven’t felt very stressed or emotionally weighed down for a while now. I have been thinking about it and without a doubt there has been a significant weight taken off my shoulders since getting diagnosed and starting treatment. It has highlighted to me just how much of a burden the whole ME/CFS thing was. I am not saying for one minute that ME/CFS is not a real illness, because we all know IT IS. I guess the fact that it is a diagnosis by process of elimination, and by the fact that it is so poorly misunderstood, and because there are still some medical professionals who continue to dismiss it all equals a SIGNIFICANT amount of stress added on top of the illness itself due to the above. All of the above also unfortunately influence even our loved ones judgement on the matter. None of this is fair! I find it ironic that some health professionals suggest that ME/CFS has a psychological component when in fact this very thing is what can give the sufferer psychological issues. Certainly that was the case with me. The importance of being believed and taken seriously is HUGELY important, and I’m not sure they ever stop to think about this.

So have I seen a difference in the people around me since getting diagnosed and starting treatment? I think so. It would appear an easier thing for my family to accept, even though I still have the same symptoms I’ve always had. It’s just a different tag. However, perhaps I was so sensitive in this area, that now that I feel less burdened I’m not so sensitive and I’m not questioning if people do believe me, therefore they may still be the same as they have always been. All of this may not be true for all of you. But all of the above had a significant impact on me emotionally. So much so that it became deeply ingrained. Even after my diagnosis, and even after seeing Dr. Jadin I was almost waiting for someone to ring me up and say that a mistake has been made. For example I don’t get bad night sweats like a lot of people seem to do. Up until very recently this has been playing on my mind “maybe I don’t have Lyme or Rickettsia if I don’t have night sweats”… Silly really, as I actually do sweat at night, but not excessively. Anyway, you get the picture. I will say that now at this point in time I BELIEVE people!!! I am gaining confidence.

All of this of late has been easier as I haven’t been having any major mood problems. June and July were probably the worst I have suffered with moods ever, scary times.

At this point I am in very high spirits. Now I have to figure out how to keep things this way, he heheeeeee…

That’s all for now.

I hope you are all ok…

Have a good weekend!

Treya : )

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