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A Play: Cognitive Disconnect

Posted Aug 05 2011 1:00am

BOB:  “Are you ready?”

ME:  “Yes”

BOB:  “So where do you need to go?”

ME:  “You know.  That place with all the stores in one place?”

BOB:  “The Mall?”

ME:  “Yeah!  That’s it! I need to go to, um that store across from that burger place we like … next to um Marshalls?  I think?”

BOB:  “Are you talking about Ross’s?

ME:  “Yup” (sigh)

BOB:  “What do you need?”

ME:  “Sunglasses.”

BOB:  “Do you know what kind?”

ME:  “Yeah.  Progressive. No profective. Dang. Um … the ones that don’t let the light go through the lenses.  The light bounces off the lenses.  I can’t remember what their called.”

BOB:  “Uh, I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

ME:  “Uh, proactive I think they’re called.  Yeah.  Proactive sunglasses.”

Later at Ross’s Store

ME:  “They don’t have the proactive lenses here.”

BOB:  “Nope.  Shall we go to Target and see if they carry them?”

ME:  “Okay.”

Across the street at Target

ME:  “See! They have a whole wall of proactive lenses!”

BOB:  “These aren’t called proactive – there called polarized lenses? No wonder we couldn’t find them.  You got the name wrong again. Where did you get proactive from?”

ME:  “Isn’t that what I said?”

BOB:  “No hun.  You said proactive!”  (chuckles)

ME:  “Errr” (sighs) “Sorry”

BOB:  “Well, do you need anything else?”

ME:  “Um, that little thing that you dip in your mouth to take your temperature? What do you call that doohickey?”

BOB:  “Thermometer?” (shakes head)

ME:  “Yeah!  That’s it.  Thermometer.  And I need a glass jar for tea with the spout on the front of it.”

BOB:  “No.  That’s a spicket.”

ME: “Oh.  Okay.  Well in my brain it’s a spout.”

BOB:  “uh huh.”

A while later two stores over at a favorite burger café.

BOB:  “What do you want to eat?”

ME:  “You decide. I’m too wiped out to decide except for a strawberry Hagen Daaz milk shake.”

BOB:  “Okay.”

BOB brings the food to the table a few minutes later.

ME:  “I thought I ordered a chocolate shake?”

BOB:  “No you said strawberry.”

ME: “Darn.  I wanted chocolate.  I thought I said chocolate. (slight whine)”

BOB:  “Do you want ME to change it?”

ME:  “No its okay.  I like strawberry too.  But I so thought I said chocolate.  Ugh.  This brain of mine!”

After a few bites …

ME:  “How’s Trudy?”

PA:  “Who’s Trudy?”

ME:  “You’re girlfriend.”

PA:   “No.  Her name is Judy. Fine.”

ME:  “Who’s Judy?”

PA:  “My girlfriend.”

ME:  “Oh, I thought her name was Trudy. Errr… I can never remember her name correctly!  Trudy.  Trudy.  Got it.”

PA:  “No! Judy!”

ME:  “Ugh.  I meant Judy. It is Judy right?” (quizzical look)

PA:  (laughs) “Yes.  Now how long will you remember that?”

ME: “Who knows?” (smiles)

Later at home.

ME:  “Can you get me my wheel?? Board?? My wheel board?”

PA:  “You’re what?”

ME:  “You know. That red chair I sit in and you push me.  The chair wheel.  No, that’s not right.  Wheel box…wheel…wheel car!”

PA:  “Your wheelchair?”

ME:  “No that’s not right.  Ugh! The red wheely thingy” (totally frustrated now)

PA:  “Wheelchair.”

ME:  “Wheelchair? (sighs) That’s right. You’re right.  Wheel chair.  Wheel chair.  I sit in a wheelchair.  Red wheel chair.  Yup!  I got it.  My red wheelbarrow!

PA:  (shakes head as she fetches the red wheel CHAIR!

_____________________________________________________________________________________*While This is a little tongue in check, I wrote it to help show the frustration not just on my end but on those close to Me trying to figure out what it is that I am trying to recall.  The cognitive disconnect – as I call it – has become much more pronounced since the chemical accident last year.  Unfortunately, most of my conversations with … what did I say my PA’s name was?  Rob?  Or was it Deb?  Never mind.  You get the point!

Determined to continue forward,

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