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A mixed bag

Posted Mar 22 2011 12:00am
Desperately trying to think of something interesting to blog about. During the course of my usual day I think very deeply about things and have some fascinating dialogues with myself but when it comes to writing them down they evaporate like the morning mist. 

It's been a week of same old same old really. Money pressures - blah, relationship pressures - blah, health anxiety - blah, family shenanigans - blah di blah. You kind of put one foot in front of the other and wade through it. UK readers may know Harry Hill's 'TV expert of the weeeeeek', (there's a little tune that goes with it). Jo's 'major achievement of the weeeek' was to do a five hour round trip on the bus to, not the nearest, hospital to have my backside prodded by a complete stranger. He actually had the temerity to blow air up it with a gadget. People pay for less. Anyway, it turns out I haven't got piles but a polyp which is completely benign but needs to come off at some point. AJ looked really alarmed when I told him. 'Will it get any bigger' he asked. 'Well, it's not going to make a third in the bed' I said. (I thought that was quite funny and I've been reusing it ad-nauseam). He did suggest we could clone an alternative Me from it which appealed to me. I thought I could leave it behind in the house while I went travelling - completely forgetting of course that I couldn't just transfer my CFS out of myself into my clone.

Anyway, the bus trip wore me out. I also saw the shrink for a review and, as a result I upped my new medication, but with disastrous results. I was groggy and depressed, but worse, I had a return of the muscle weakness and poor mobility. Sod that for a game of soldiers, I have reduced it back down again and am feeling better already. Sometimes these things make us sicker instead of better. 

The best thing about this week has been the coming of Spring. It definitely arrived in our corner of the Midlands and everything is bright and shiny and new. I saw my first new leaves yesterday - love that green. It's still a bit too cold to sit out for long but I have had some precious hours crocheting in the back yard. And the light. How wonderful to have the light back.
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