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A bit of a leg up

Posted Oct 07 2010 12:00am
I woke up this morning with hope in my heart for the first time in months. I saw my doc yesterday, who since I saw her last, has reviewed my notes with a fine tooth comb. In 2007 I had a very thorough check up by a rheumatologist whom I went to saying I thought I had fibromyalgia. He didn't 'recognise' such a diagnosis but did realise I was up sh*t creek without a paddle, so scanned and tested everything he could, and then (which I didn't know) did an extremely detailed, "bone by bone" report. There were pages and pages of it, and then a short, five line letter which said I had fibromyalgia! 

One thing that did show up was that I had a weak positive result for Lupus. The test for this is called an ANA test and is not often requested by doctors. But she is repeating that. It is a long shot, but she said it would be awful if I did have Lupus and we'd missed it. The other test, which I asked for, is a check of my vitamin D levels. It's another test that doesn't get done much because of the cost.

The best, best thing is we discussed HRT and agreed I could go back onto patches and pills. I'd been a 'good girl' and come off gradually until I stopped it altogether a couple of years ago because GPs didn't think it was a good thing for me. Up to 50 years you can use it without much risk of stroke or cancer but after that the risk doubles. I know I'm much much better on it and we decided the risk of my suicide was much higher than the small risks associated with HRT. The thought that last night was my last of hot flushes and the disturbed sleep they cause was, well, I'm lost for words. It will certainly help our relationship as I may actually get some libido back as well.

My doctor is the best! She spent three quarters of an hour with me yesterday. I had booked a double appointment, even so I felt a bit guilty as I walked back out through the waiting room. It is well known though, that if you have an appointment to see her you take a book and sandwiches! She said she needed to find me a plan, more for herself than for me. It had become a sort of quest for her I think. And she's like that. No stone is left unturned. All my neighbours see her and they all say they can never move out of her catchment area. She said she felt like Dr House, and then we got sidetracked for a while by the gorgeousness of Hugh Laurie. Sigh.

I know all this isn't going to fix me completely but, it does mean that all the other things like pacing and resting, nutrition, meditation are now worth doing. On their own they help, and on it's own the HRT helps, but put them altogether and that's double help. Deep joy.
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