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a area on the top of my foot appears red and bruised. the foot also seems colder than the other. this is over a 3 week period

Posted by tizzytulip

before Christmas the day after attending a dance class I noticed a area about the size of the bottom of a cup near and including my little toe bright red, and the top of my foot puffy. Thought someone had stepped on my foot. Several days later a bruise appeared behing the red area on the center of my foot. This is not painful, but it hasn't gone away either. The other thing I noticed this leg and foot seems to be always cooler to the touch than my other one
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Had you spent any time outdoors recently?  With any red rash, Lyme disease should be considered.

In any case, you should see your doctor immediately.  He or she can examine your foot and also run blood tests, if necessary, in order to accurately diagnose you.


Sue Jackson 

i think lyme disease is a bit far down the line, possible acute or stress trauma could be the cause.  you should seek examination by a Podiatrist
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