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5th and Last Treatment: Rocking Hard Like Heavy Metals

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:25pm

Had my final treatment on Thursday, and in an unfortunate twist, my last was also my worst day of treatment out of all five. Not that I'm entirely surprised by this or baffled either. During the weekend, my friend energetically tested me for a variety of nosodes using ART to find that although lyme is no longer an issue for me, other infections and heavy metals are bubbling to the surface in a nasty way. Others that have done the bionic treatment before I have said that once the borrelia is treated, heavy metals are released.

To the best of our knowledge, heavy metals and viruses/bacteria have a symbiotic relationship and latch onto each other like smitten terrorists. I was never entirely certain of my heavy metal status, one because diagnostic tests have failed to show heavy metals in urine for me even after a DMPS challenge, and two because I've had moments of weakness after almost buying into public health orgs' attempts to debunk the link of thimerserol to austism. But after testing via ART for blockage after blockage from heavy metal nosodes, I'm starting the buy the theory that metals never showed in my urine because I had too many infections to let them go. Their sudden release is the only explanation I can find for why I've been so fatigued, insomniac, and still feverish for the last 7 days when the week before felt like a real turning point. Once I go back, a urine metal test will be one of the first things on my to-do list. I'll be very surprised if I'm not in the yellow or red for some metals (I've been in the green—barely detectable—for all 20 or so past urine tests). Dr. Klinghardt does say that if you compare the urine metal tests of two autistic children, the one with metal stretching to the red will be much easier to treat than the one not showing any metals, meaning that he believes they all have metals, it's just a matter of which ones are ready to release them.

I've become rather attached to my ozone infusions. Watching my soot-colored blood go out and come back bright red (oxygenated!) is pretty addicting. But I won't miss the anxiety of watching nurses without gloves wipe my spilled blood on their jeans and smile as if milk had been spilt. Maybe I'll take a friend's suggestion to stick an canula shooting ozone up my derriere: it's supposedly 95% as effective as IV ozone!! Just keeping my options open...

When I see Dr. Woitzel for my final consult on Monday, I'm gonna ask him if he can do the ETA-Scan for me. It's like a whole-body, all-pathogen-inclusive bioresonance test similar to the asyra, except it can map out wherethe problems are located in the body. A few other previous Dr. Woitzel patients from the U.S. say this is a must-do if the lyme treatment doesn't resolve all symptoms.

On Thursday, I'm seeing another practitioner in Germany that may offer more insight on treating other infections, allergies and sensitivities, metals, and biochemical regulation with biophotons. It should be very interesting to get another German perspective on global applications with the Bionic. When Scott and his friend caught me nosode-handed at the pharmacy after my last treatment, he said, “I thought you'd already bought all the nosodes in Germany.” But who knows when I'll be able to come to Germany again? I truly believe that if I could live here for a few months, that would give me the best opportunity to get well. Without the FDA and with the application of non-biological sciences to biological medicine anything is possible. Since that's not an option, I'm trying to Sham-Wow all the knowledge I can find and smuggle home machines and nosodes to get me well again. All of which means I owe more than a few lifetimes of debt to my dear mom and dad for making this journey possible.

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