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4th Bigelsen Appointment

Posted Oct 31 2009 11:01pm
I saw Josh, Dr. B's son, this time. Starting to get pretty hard to book with Dr. B, especially because I'm so overeager when it comes to squeezing in more appointments than Dr. B recommends me doing. He originally wanted me to come in once every two weeks, but I think the challenge that my case presents brings him and Josh more in line with my overeagerness.

I also got into a bit of hot water by uploading a video that I shouldn't have (I removed it this morning.) Dr. B's bull-in-a-china-shop humor is worth the price of admission by itself, but that doesn't change the fact that I suffer serious lapses in tact sometimes.

That being said, I really think this treatment is starting to pay dividends physically versus being more of an alignment of philosophical stars between myself and Doc before. I had another osteopathic session with Dr. Allen, and this time he said there were no strong clues in terms of physical trauma (last time it was a very obvious head injury). He thinks whereas many people come in with physical traumas to a particular part of the body screaming as their primary cause, my case is still very well explained by a nervous system that went haywire from pushing way too hard, predisposing me to the acute mono haymaker. I completely agree.

When I spoke with Josh about what Dr. Allen said, he said there still must've been another predisposition to that nervous system malfunction, which he and Dr. B still think was an interuterine head injury. As Dr. B posted on my previous blog, "structure precedes function" and they're sticking to it. Whether I agree with this or not--hell, I don't care if Dr. B thinks I'm harboring a microscopic alien controller in my head (Men in Black??)--these are different means to the same end--correcting the autonomic nervous system.

I also tested better for another brain stem cell formula (vision formula versus CNS formula). After the osteopathic session and intake of the brain stem cells, I definitely felt a reaction. This was shown under the microscope as I skyrocketed to a 4+ plasma reaction. There were also lots of break ups of biograms in the blood indicating an unwinding of the spine. Based on the biograms that were still intact, Josh decided to treat the epigastrum and diaphragm with neural therapy:

Neural therapy ingredients: procaine, nig, not, utilin 4x (100x stronger than the 6x we usually use), ney troph, membrane, ney chondrin, anti-focal 1,2,4,6,8,9,10,11. Once again, the first 3 are Sanum and the rest are cell therapy ingredients. I can't say exactly what the cell therapy ingredients are.

After treatment, my blood settled down nicely to a 2+. Josh said my issue is that I first came into the clinic with too much of a reaction (4+), then I went down to too little reaction (1+) for the next few visits. The goal is get my system balanced. Needless to say, that makes sense. Biograms also seemed to indicate my abdomen trying to open up. Today, my entire rib cage feels Kimbo Slice sucker-punched me. I will ask Dr. B in a bit to ask if that's normal.

Josh wanted to treat the epigastrum and diaphragm because both he and Dr. B think I was in a really crunched position (related to the head injury) in the womb. Combined with the cesarean birth, they don't think I ever got a full contraction/expansion of my diaphgram and hence a full breath. I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but they think there is a correlation between the under-performing diaphragm and a full elimination of bile by the liver & hence the inability to eliminate acute mono efficiently. I know I sound like a broken gum-smacking ditz, but, like, that totally makes sense!

Josh said that the jaw/teeth are the absolute most important part of overall structure. I'm thinking this is definitely the case for me, and it may end up being a bigger bottleneck than most people realize. Dr. Sandor Hites DDS said that many get orthodontics on their upper teeth to rein them in when the problem is actually an undergrowth and hence underprotrusion of the lower jaw. In other words, let nature do its thang. When the jaw alignment is off, this can impinge on the TMJ nerve and block efficient blood flow to the train. Obviously the whole biodynamics of the jaw, lymphatic pump, and blood pump are too complicated for me to explain here, but I am getting this addressed with Dr. Hites. I originally went in to get cavitations addressed, but he thinks the jaw may be the make-or-break determinant of whether addressing cavitation makes a speck of difference. I have constant pressure in my left jaw, pain in my right cervical, and pressure in the sinuses/sides of head. We all think that the jaw misalignment is the main cause.

My energy levels are holding up nicely. I think I'm still hovering around 75%, but yesterday I was in and out of the clinic from 10-5, and I wasn't really tired by the end of it. That is easily the best energy I've had in his office. Biggest core issues remain: orthostatic intolerance, postexertional malaise, sleep issues, brain fog. Brain fog seems to have cleared up today so I think the osteopathic session really helped. Funny because biodynamic osteopathic manipulation feels so incredibly subtle I have no idea what's going on during the session, yet the blood analysis right afterwards clearly showed it did something huge. I've given up trying to understand how gentle energy treatments work so effectively. I just know that they do.

I'm seeing Dr. B on Monday. Happy Halloween everyone!!
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