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49 Things I have Learned in My Short Life

Posted Sep 17 2011 7:43am

"My Birthday" Today is my birthday and as I was standing at my large windows, looking out over the darkened city and watching the city lights glow through the early morning hours, I thought about how this year, coming, feels so different to me.

These past two years have been the most challenging I have endured in my life but I somehow pulled through and moved forward.  I then thought about all that I have learned and decided I would celebrate my birthday with my readers by sharing 49 things that I have learned – sometimes, the hard way. (wink)

1.  Friendships are one of the most important aspects of my life.  The offer me love, compassion, empathy, understanding, and a soft place to land when rough times come.

2.  Relationships that matter take time and work.  The most important relationships I have are the ones that have been around for a long while and the ones in which we have walked through some dark times together.  They are the ones that I know I can count on.

3.  Compassion and understanding go much farther than criticism and ridicule.

4.  Listening is the greatest gift I can give to others.

5.  My daughter is the greatest gift I have ever recieved, bar none!

6.  Being a grand-mother, ROCKS!

7.  Remembering that we are all in this thing called Life together keeps me humble and reminds me that I am no better than anyone else.

8.  Life happens.

9.  Life is not fair.

10.  Accepting responsibility for my actions is part of being a human being and an adult.

11.  Life often surprises me.

12.  There is always the promise of possibility.

13.  There is a God.

14.  I don’t have all the answers.  Actually, I have very few.

15.  The more open I become with myself, the less critical I become with others.

16.  I have had a good life despite the obstacles I have met along the way.

17.  I am more capable then I realize.

18.  No is actually an acceptable answer sometimes.

19.  Pacing is a good thing.

20.  The loss of a dog is a hole that never heals.

21.  Some of the most fabulous people I have met in my life have myalgic encephalomyelitis and other chronic illnesses.

22.  I am blessed because you came into my life.

23.  Trials and tribulations have much to teach me if I can just quiet my soul long enough to listen.

24.  The best thing I can do for those special people in my life is to be a great friend.

25.  When I am least expecting it, something beautiful happens.

26.  All I have to be concerned about is today. Yesterday is over and done with and tomorrow has not yet arrived.

27.  I may not be able to do all I used to do (before I got sick) and perhaps that is the point.  It is not the quantity but the quality of my work that really counts.

28.  I am a writer.

29.  I am an artist.

30.  I am creative.

31.  I am free to be me – warts and all.

32.  I have a greater capacity to love then I ever realized.

33.  I am on this earth for a reason and a purpose and I will fulfill my destiny.

34.  Encouragement is the elixir of life and freindships.

35.  Editing out the unnecessities of life allows more room for the truly important things.

36.  Agreeing to disagree is one of the most powerful and positive things we can agree to do.

37.  I write because I cannot not write.

38.  In order for my dream to become a reality, sometimes someone else has to fulfill thier dream first.

39.  Dancing moves me.

40.  There is always something I can learn from you.  I just have to stop, remain open and listen.

41.  Truth comes when I learn to stay in tune with the voice within me.

42.  I am a Poet.

43.  The Artist’s Way and coming out of this past severe relapse has changed the lenses I view the world through now.  No longer black and white, they are now a prism of color!

44.  I need YOU in my life because YOU make it richer, deeper and more beautiful.

45.  Relationships matter.  Without them isolation becomes overwhelming and toxic.

46.  Humans are created to be connected to one another.  In a disconnected world, it takes effort and practice to keep the connections alive.

47.  “I Love You” is one of the most impacting phrases in our vocabulary.  Especially when it is backed up with action.

48.  Words are powerful.  Just ask someone who received a hand written note!

49.  A hug lets you know that someone cares.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today on this wonderful day.  I hope you all have an amazing day.  Thank you so much for all the birthday wished on FB and Google+.  I have been deeply touched by each and every one of them!

Determined to continue forward,

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