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4 Tricks 2 Overcome Memory Deficits of ME/CFS

Posted Jan 20 2011 1:00am

This post is dedicated to my friend Lorraine who loved an idea I posted on Facebook.  It got pushed to the back burner this week as the result of my eyes, but I wanted to keep my promise and finish it, so here goes.

One of the most frustrating aspects, for me personally (besides my eye problems) is my inability to remember things.  I have tried so many things with most of them turning out to be colossal failures.

However, as someone who is innately gifted with a natural ability to organize, I used that to my advantage and came up with four different ways to use products in different ways to meet my own personal needs.


I love, love, love over-the-door shoe bags.  I cannot say enough good things about them!  Did you know you can now get them in almost any color your desire, even in patterns such as toile!  These bags are so versatile it is not even funny.  If there is a door, I use them.  Here is two examples of the two I recently purchased and what I used them for.

"Bathroom Storage" I love using these in the bathroom.  In this apartment, my bathroom is super small with hardly any storage at all.  On top of that, I have no linen closet so I have to use the small closet above the toilet for towels and whatnot.  So this was my solution.

All my products, nightly herbs, first aid kits, lotions, q-tips, cotton rounds, hair clips, hair products, body products, pedicure/manicure products and anything else I would store in the bathroom for my personal hygiene goes in the pockets.

I chose black becauseall my granite counters (as you can see to the right of the photo) are all black.  I also chose clear pockets so I could see what was in each of the pockets without the need to label them, or God forbid, remember which pocket I had put them in.

In addition, the items I use the most, go in the middle three rows so I don’t have to bend over or reach up very often!

"Memory Tricks"

"Clutter No More" Here is a close up of how the pockets look with my personals in them.  Besides the fact that I can see my stuff and I don’t have to remember where in the world I put them, I also don’t have to put them away neatly, if you will.  I just throw them in the pocket that has become their home, and voila, I am done.

For those with MCS, this bag – amazingly – had no odor whatsoever!  No off-gasing, nothing.

The absolute best thing about these bags, however, is that they utilize wasted or underutilized space.  Who would think to hide their stuff behind a door?  And the best part is this is what you see when you close the door.

"Hidden Storage" I purchased two of these this time from with the intent to purchase two more. (You can find them here )  The second one I purchased is being used in my laundry closet.  I have no room for anything so this works out wonderfully.  In addition, I no longer have to bend over to get the products off the floor or go to the kitchen and get them everytime I do laundry.  And again, I can see what I need easily.   Love that!

"Storage trick for Laundry Closet"

I love, love, love this thing for so many reasons I would drive you crazy if I explained them all!  :-)   I have never been able to find a caddy to go over the shower head that doesn’t fall off, slip, bend, stain, or whatever.  Until I found this one.  It is amazing.  It lays perfectly straight, is very strong, and cleans up with a quick rinse.

I was concerned with the it being white because my shampoos are dark colored as I use organic hair care products and I thought they might stain.  However, after spilling some of my products on the caddy, I simply rinsed it out.  No problem.

"Shower Caddy" Now here are two amazing facts about this shower caddy that will blow you away!  First, it will hold multiple family size bottles in each pocket without any problem.  Secondly, it cost me …$1.69!  No kidding!  Again, I purchased this through (You can find it here )  I actually paid more to ship it then I paid for it but it was so worth it.  And, I have plans to get more of these and hang them inside closets to store baggies, dusting cloths, sponges, etc, in them.  Very versatile!

One of the biggest struggles I have had is in remembering when to order my herbs as well as to order my herbs.  In the past year I finally figured out a system that works really well for me and takes the stress of forgetting off of my shoulders.

"Dating Bottles to Remember" When I get a new herb that I haven’t used before, I write the date I recieve it on.  When it comes time to order another bottle, I figure out how long the bottle lasted.  Then when I get any future shipments of that bottle, I take a permanent black marker and write the date I need to order the next bottle on the cap.  Then all I have to do every month is look at the caps and make my list and order.  Done in under 2 minutes!

This one trick has relieved so much stress from my constantly having to count the pills every month to figure out if I need to order as well as remember when and how often to do it.  Love that!

This next one actually came together quite by accident.  I love stainless steel and wanted some stainless steel canisters for my tea and coffee necessities.  So I ordered these.

"Canisters with Windows"

I no longer have to open the canister to remember what the heck I put inside.  I just peek though that marvelous window and know instantly what is in there!  And yes.  I love that!

Again, I never use things for just the purposes they are created for.  I use these in the bathroom for cotton balls, q-tips, screws, nuts, bolts, crafts, you name it.  You can get these in all sorts of sizes.  I got the three on the right from  You can find them here .

As for the other two over-the-door shoe bags I will be ordering soon, one will go on the back of the door where my water heater is (huge closet) and store all my computer wires, manuals, pens, pencils, tape, desk items, memo pads and whatnot.

The other one will do in the entryway closet and store my extra flip-flops, gloves, scarves, hats, hoodies, doggie items (when and if I get another puppy), umbrellas, etc.!

So not only have I utilized unused space and created more storage in my small apartment, I created a system that helps me to remember to … 

Determined to continue forward,

"Author's Signature"

© 2011, 4Walls and AView . All rights reserved.

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