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4/15 Treatment update

Posted Apr 20 2009 12:33am
  • Using the same method as 2 weeks ago, Dr. B took a vial of my blood and found the frequency of CMV individual to my body. Treated this.
  • I'm thinking the particular strain of babs she found last week may very well be the "mystery bug" identified in Fry labs blood smears. (Dr. F probably will not reveal it for some time) Word on the net is it seems to be a protozoan related to babesia as opposed to Bartonella-Like Organism (BLO). I'll have a better hunch in a few weeks I think, because new stuff will be coming up in blood as I continue to peel off layers.
  • Head still swelling--had a neck adjustment, but I think this is primarily still due to chelation now hitting on the brain like sulfur groups in heat.
  • Added kidney support (recall: adrenal-kidney is my weak link)--Terrain Max Kidney Terrain, Pekana Radinex for EMF support, asparagus. I haven't taken the asparagus because it's a diuretic, but the first 2 items are definitely helping with the excessive urination.
  • Tested MMS for babesia and other protozoa, but negatory for now. However, it tests very strong for me and may be therapeutic later.
  • Same thing with Zhang HH capsules (for Bartonella)--so there is most likely more Bart to deal with.
  • I've taken to using supplements equally with vials to test what kinda bugs are coming up.
  • We had a talk about HBOT, ozone, UVB irradiation. She doesn't seem to have a preference, but I think I convinced her that ozone steam sauna may be preferable. I've heard from a source that UVB is good for viruses (like ozone) but may cause DNA damage, so that's off the radar.
  • Increase l-carnitine to 2000mg--I was only taking 500. Very important for fatigue. I found this, which looks like a great fill-in mitochondrial booster that offers 3/4 of the carnitine req. I have no financial interests in this company, and I'm not taking the product currently. Just thought it might be helpful to some.
Woo-woo/emo section: don't hate, just ignore.
Dr. B detected two emotional states in my blood. Apparently I have a lot of anger that's been building up for most of my life. Even though I'm not an outwardly angry person, avoid confrontation, and generally prefer to be a peacemaker, I may appear that way because I direct it inward and end up harming myself. I'm sure I have no more reason to be angry at myself than most people, but friends, family, and now my doc are telling me I'm too hard on myself, whether it's because the sick me is not good enough for a girlfriend, not energetic enough for friends, not bright enough for an intellectual debate, or not doing enough to get healthy. This emotion is so predominant that after she treated it, she told me I needed to treat it 3x with photons at home to clear it.

Law of attraction: Good things come to those who affirm, visualize, and are grateful for good things. I'm working on it.

Speaking of LOA, I made my first foray into the metaphysical section of the bookstore, and it was only at the behest of my doctor. I've managed to avoid studying anything that can't be backed up by science (and I don't mean clinical studies cough conflicts of interest) but my recent experiences with medicine make it much easier to suspend my disbelief just enough to go meta-dipping. If I can believe in things that I'll never see, that no one will ever see under an electron microscope--liiiike, my doctor's treatments--then I can down a shot of "thoughts are things with measurable energy" without ever having to chase it with theism no?

Thoughts are things with energy and polarity. Call me crazy, but that's the easy part.
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