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1st Treatment

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:26pm
Finally! My long-awaited visit with Dr. Woitzel. He was actually a lot more thorough than others have made him out to be. He dove straight in and asked very specific questions about my lyme symptoms, such as the type of difficulty reading, yes or no pain in knees, spinal issues, allergies, heart pain or elevated HR. Right away, I noticed that he's a very good listener. He really tries to digest everything you tell him and isn't in a rush, so he's truly like a LLMD in that sense. Then he asked for my lab results. I was caught off-guard, cuz others had said he doesn't look at labs. I guess it varies from case to case? Luckily, I always bring a few summaries of most my lab results and can recite the important ones by heart. Please bring your western blot results though, because he looks at the band-specific markers. He went through my summary from front to back, looked at my spine, and then described what they do.

Using the bicom, he first tests for lyme (using both the European and American borrelia's—he says America's is much stronger) and then for chlamydia. I was in the 20-30 range for lyme, and much higher for chlamydia (lower is positive, closer to your body's base frequency is negative) My lyme isn't in the worst range (Six and Paul are in 0-10). I also made my mom test for lyme, and she was negative! I was SO SURE she had it. I'm delighted that she doesn't, but if she had, I'd know what to treat. Now I'll have to start from ground zero for her, but c'est la vie de Joey post-lyme! I enjoy being a Sherlock (if a bad one) for my family.

I know a lot of people are wondering about coinfections. I asked him what to do about my babesia and bartonella, and he had this to say: “If borrelia is completely negative after 5 treatments and symptoms are gone, then don't worry. If borrelia is gone but symptoms are still there, American doctors can treat the others. The lyme is the worst.” Or something close to that. I asked if that means lyme is the gatekeeper, and he said yes. I hope he's right.

Of course, everyone reading already know the crux: 5 photon treatments followed by IV infusions of mag, zinc, saline, hepatic, lymphatic, and renal drainage (similar to the Pekana big three). He said he'd also give me ozone to oxygenate the brain after my 2nd treatment. This seems to vary from patient to patient, but it sounds like it's used for neuro-lyme. He'll do 2 chiropractic adjustments to correct my asymmetric range of motion, shorter left leg.

As for the photon treatment, the nurse tapes on the nosodes + 2 live vials to the solar plexus (near the belly), and I used the bionic on my myself on 10 different points: 2 wrists, 2 ears, forehead, top of head, left thyroid, right thyroid, thymus, below solar plexus, and in that order. In the meantime, I drank 1 liter of osmotic water. I felt the same during the treatment, but today I seem to have more energy. I really should be in bed right now, given how taxing the last 2 days have been. Paul said he had 2 hrs right after his 1st treatment where he felt like he needed to go to the hospital. Six-similar. Ruth's lyme was closer to my range though, and she had a delayed reaction.

In either case, I'm gonna enjoy being on my feet today. Maybe go to Dobel, hit up the local butcher and grocery stores. Maybe stuff myself with bratwursts til they start coming out of my nose. James Lipton joins me in saying "Positively Delightful."
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