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10 things about me

Posted Mar 29 2010 12:00am
Hey People,

I've been pretty inconsistent with my blogging lately and it's been irking me. I had a weekend away with friends which took lots of my energy and then a wedding for which I took the week before for total rest and the week after for some much needed recuperation. All went well and my energy wasn't too bad for both. However, I found all the going very stressful––being constantly around people. Most people don't know how much energy it takes to just talk to people (most people assume it's just physical fatigue), being around people constantly can be extremely draining and emotionally stressful for ME sufferers. 

To move on... I received 'The Sugar Doll Award' from a fellow blogger called Forgetful girl a few weeks ago. Thanks again Forgetful Girl!!!  The reason for the Award is so people can show appreciation for otheBoldr bloggers and whoever wins has to share ten things about themselves, and then pass on the award to whom ever you wish. I've missed a lot of these blog awards over the last few weeks and haven't really been able to follow other blogs to read other peoples lists. Anyway, here goes, 10 things about me:

1. When I die I would like to come back as a bird. Why? I've had a recurring dream for as long as I can remember that I can fly. It's an amazing dream and very realistic. I really feel that I know what it feels like to fly!!! 

2. My favourite band is Pink Floyd. That music was made for me......

3. My claim to fame is: Sean Penn reciting an Irish poem to me in a bar in Australia about 12 years ago.

4. I am RIDICULOUSLY sensitive and very deep–not by choice, just born like this. This can make life challenging. But I am mostly grateful for these qualities. It also means I am very sensitive towards other peoples feelings––to a fault...

5. I can't do small talk––I don't have the ability to be false. I guess this comes from being a very open person (I'm not one of those people that is blunt though. I can hold my thoughts to myself if I feel they may be rude). 

6. On a lighter note my weird and pointless talent is: I can do the fu%k you gesture with my right foot. As I said pointless. But I think its funny. Try it. Bet you can't do it as well as me. : )   And, don't go picturing me now, to be like Shrek because of my ugly feet...

7. My favourite items of clothing are my small black leather jacket and my brown Suede biker boots. It's sad to say, but I would be very upset if anything happened to them. OH I'm sooo materialistic : ) Oh and my new badges. I love them...  That's them on the right.

8. My favourite comfort 'thingy' is my hot water bottle. It comes almost everywhere with me and always has!

9. My most memorable, amazing memories/adventures that I've had are travelling around Vietnam on my own at 21 and living in a little village in the Himalayan foothills when I was 24. Definitely the highlights of my life. I really hope I can do things like that again.

10. My favourite quote is: "Be thine own palace, or the world's thy jail"John Dunne

That's it people. I enjoyed that. Beats the usual heavy/emotional content. Although I am still wrecked and shaking all over with weakness. Rest time...

The people I would like to pass on 'The Sugar Doll Award' to are:



I've know a good bit about other people who's blogs I follow, except these two I think. So here you go girls. I will notify them on their blogs, as I am supposed to.

That's all for now people, I'm wrecked.......

Hope you are all well. xx

Treya : )

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