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Christy G.

Huntley, Montana
I am a thirty-something mother of two. After my daughter was born I rekindled my love of competition and racing. My favorite distances are the 5k and the half marathon. Someday I will tackle the 26.2 and have a marathon under my belt. For now I am happy with the shorter distances and learning... Full Bio
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Week in Review and little Cowpokes

Sunday  2 mile run               40 minutes elliptical Monday 3.5 mile run              24 minute HIIT              45 minutes yoga Tuesday  ...

5 Friday Favorites

Here are some things that I am loving lately 1. Decluttering!  I am getting rid of loads of things I don't use.  Seriously I had 6 spatulas in...

Three Things Thursday: optimistic or stupid?

1.  and it's another week or two of no running.  I ran Monday and it was glorious.  I however am my own worst enemy and instead of running three...

Week of no running

Last week was a week of no running... I hurt my foot and it would start feeling painful about 2 miles into a run.  SO here is how it...

Relays Active Headphones Giveaway

I was recently sent a pair of to review (I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own) and have to admit...

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Aug 30 2011 by slp1650
Ya I understand about thinking no one reads them... I feel like I'm writing for myself more than anyone else and it's a source to just log my workouts, how I felt, and different ideas about running, working out, and anything else really...  Thanks for starting to read mine :)
Aug 30 2011 by slp1650
Thanks for accepting the friend request!  I've been reading your blog for a while and love it!