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Albuquerque, New Mexico
For the past year, my personal focus has been to get back into shape after my third child. You can follow that story in my Fitness For Moms blog ( With each successive child, it was more challenging and I can honestly say that without Team Beach Body, I could not... Full Bio
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Apr 21 2008 by sisleigh h.
Hey Christy,   well lastnight I treated my self to a oatmeal peanutbutter cookie. I knew I was going to allow it that day so it didn't feel wrong. Now tonight I will go without.  I am going to try not to have something until next Sunday and then I will treat myself to something on the sweet , but healthier side. I hope you all are achieving your goals. I'm rootin for ya!
Apr 18 2008 by Maria F.

Hey Christy,

Thanks very much for your e-mail and for your words of encouragement.  They are most appreciated.  Have a great weekend.



Apr 18 2008 by sisleigh h.


             Hi Christy,

            Well I did it! It really wasn't as hard as it usually is. I planned on eating an apple for my dessert and it satisfied the craving.  I think for me, I will definitely have to plan ahead as to what I am going to replace the dessert with.  Do you do that, or do you just quit eating after dinner?  I met a women at the church I work at and she does not eat anything after lunch. Isn't that bizarre!  She said she saw a study done on monkeys that the less they ate the longer they lived.  We eat at 5:30 so by 7 I am wanting a small snack.  Cyrus is really hooked on sugar. I have got them down to only something after dinner and it is what I make ,  but it still has white sugar in it.  I hope to get them down to maybe one or two desserts a week instead of every night. How are you doing with your workouts? I bet you are pretty ripped.  Are you running every morning and then doing the dvd's?   Thanks for the encouragement and tonight I will plan on skipping my desset!

Apr 15 2008 by Jennifer M.
Hey Christy and everyone else!  Weekends are usually my downfall.  My daughter made chocolate chip cookies this yummy and so EVIL!!  I love just the cookie dough...( I know raw eggs...danger...danger..) So I gave in to a few on Sunday but haven't even open the ziplock that sits on the counter this week..(ok...I know it's only Tuesday...) I'm trying to get my sweet tooth fix thru a protein bar...have to watch those also...can be high in calories.
Apr 14 2008 by Geoff, MD
welcome to the Wellsphere community! Congrats on getting yourself back in shape after your last child.
Apr 13 2008 by Leah W.
That's good advice. I definitely hate waking up with that icky taste in my mouth. I like to blame my dad for the cravings because he does the same thing. I guess blaming someone doesn't really help me lose weight though, does it? haha. Thanks for the advice and the encouragement.
Apr 13 2008 by Christy D.
Hey everyone. How are the members of this team doing with skipping dessert? I am on day three. I went out to eat on Friday. My husband usually orders a slice of carrot cake for dessert. He eats one bite and I eat half the HUGE slice. This time I said no, and last night I craved a dessert after dinner but tried to focus my mind on something else and the craving soon went away. Plan to do it again tonight. How are the rest of you doing?
Apr 12 2008 by Erin D.
You can do it because it has been done before ( by you and others). If it's mentally conceivable, it's possible!