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For the past year, my personal focus has been to get back into shape after my third child. You can follow that story in my Fitness For Moms blog ( With each successive child, it was more challenging and I can honestly say that without Team Beach Body, I could not... Full Bio
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Apr 21 2008 by sisleigh h.
Hey Christy,   well lastnight I treated my self to a oatmeal peanutbutter cookie. I knew I was going to allow it that day so it didn't feel wrong. Now tonight I will go without.  I am going to try not to have something until next Sunday and then I will treat myself to something on the sweet , but healthier side. I hope you all are achieving your goals. I'm rootin for ya!
Apr 18 2008 by Maria F.

Hey Christy,

Thanks very much for your e-mail and for your words of encouragement.  They are most appreciated.  Have a great weekend.



Apr 18 2008 by sisleigh h.


             Hi Christy,

            Well I did it! It really wasn't as hard as it usually is. I planned on eating an apple for my dessert and it satisfied the craving.  I think for me, I will definitely have to plan ahead as to what I am going to replace the dessert with.  Do you do that, or do you just quit eating after dinner?  I met a women at the church I work at and she does not eat anything after lunch. Isn't that bizarre!  She said she saw a study done on monkeys that the less they ate the longer they lived.  We eat at 5:30 so by 7 I am wanting a small snack.  Cyrus is really hooked on sugar. I have got them down to only something after dinner and it is what I make ,  but it still has white sugar in it.  I hope to get them down to maybe one or two desserts a week instead of every night. How are you doing with your workouts? I bet you are pretty ripped.  Are you running every morning and then doing the dvd's?   Thanks for the encouragement and tonight I will plan on skipping my desset!