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You Know You Have a Severe Corn Allergy When (list in progress)

1. You burst into tears of joy when a friend working on an organic farm offers to work with their butcher to get you safely processed...

Let's talk about it!

In the past few weeks I've received a few emails from people just starting out on their corn allergy journey. While I don't wish a food...

Feeling a bit blasé?

I poisoned my self quite nicely this weekend. A combination of impatience and excitement led me to overlook how long I should let the glue dry...

It's just food --people!

I've been quiet for a while. While I've had plenty to say, it hasn't felt appropriate for a public forum. Why? Because I am cranky. Having a food...

Wecome to Absurdia

I blame a lot of my physical problem on stress and too often refuse to fully believe that I'm having a problem unless I can observe some sort of...

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