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I'm a born-again runner. Okay, that sounds corny. Let's just say that I use to hate running with a passion. In my pre-running life, given the choice between running for an hour or hitting myself in the head with a hammer for an hour, I would have readily reached for the hammer. Now, I run.... Full Bio
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Catching up (again)

Well, here I am again, trying to get caught up on three months' worth of goings-ons.  Honestly, everything about my training has been less...

I suck at blogging

The title pretty much says it all.  Been kinda dead around here for, oh, 9 months or so.  Which basically coincides with the neverending winter...

Still Alive

Awhile back my friend Bill gave me some shit for not updating my blog often enough.  That was like two months ago.  So, here ya go Bill.  Hope it...

Leadville Trail 100

Sometimes you don’t realize how much something has consumed you, has driven your decision making, either sub-consciously or overtly, until...

Leadville Training Part 10: Taper

Well, shit, here we are.  It's Monday.  At this time next week, I will be driving (or getting ready to drive) back to South Dakota from...

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