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Chris M.

Boise, Idaho
Having spent most of my life as an addict and alcoholic I didn't really believe that long term sobriety was possible. Today i find that it is not only possible but there are things I can to to help insure it. One of those things is sharing my experience with others.
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The Scarlet Letter

A. Atheist. Two and a half years sober and I find myself so fucked off about the conception of god that I got sober with that I can’t live...

It’s finally over and I ...

It’s finally over and I’m getting in the car to drive home shortly.  I need the next couple of days to rest up from my vacation.

Signs and Highways

“You’re out there walking down the highway and all of the signs have been blown away.  Sometimes you wonder if you’re walking in the wrong...


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Aug 26 2008 by Shawn X.
hello Chris, congrats on soberiety stay on track and keep up the good work

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