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Chris M.

Bend, Oregon
I have Hydrocephalus, a condition of the brain where spinal fluid dosen't properly drain, causing the brain to swell.I also have a tumor on my pituatary gland. Not so much fun. But other then that and the havoc it brings upon my body I'm a normal 23 year old guy.
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Oh hi.

Hello there. Its been so long. Why don’t we keep in touch?   I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I think this will probably be the...

Stunted Growth

Well the results from my hell-test are in. I am indeed growth-horome deficient. You wouldn’t guess it looking at me, I am 6’4″. But it only...

Manly Bits

So the hormone replacement therapy is working. Without going into the awkward details let it suffice to say that I’m going through a second; and...

The Horror

Today I went down to the Unemployment office and finished all of my paperwork and interviews. NOthing difficult. They gave me a series of tests...

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