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This blog is for anyone who has to undergo a stem cell transplant, is fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma or being offered a clinical trial. I try to offer my perspective on the disease and how to deal with it while sharing aspects of my life that I try to keep as normal as possible.
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Where did the last month go?!

Well, guess its time for an update, cant sleep which isnt anything out of the ordinary as I havent really been able to sleep for over a month...


Has taken over my life for more than a month.  Ready to be done with this shit and onto the next chapter of my life.  Will go into more detail...

Dealing with chronic fatigue

I may or may not have written about this before but since it's been a pretty major struggle lately, I thought I'd release my frustration out into...


I feel compelled to follow up on my last post because the more I think about it, the more it compels me to write about this sick, deranged, and...


Not sure how to start this one...  Maybe I'll just copy and paste this latest comment by an obvious "fan" lol Hah ha :-) you parasitic piece...

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