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East Amherst, New York
I am an occupational therapist and owner of ABC Therapeutics.  I have practiced OT for over 20 years and have a  post-professional clinical doctorate in occupational therapy. These postings (extended from my blog at ) represent an ongoing experiment in a mostly open-source... Full Bio
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Time to update the AOTA Position Paper on Nondiscrimination and Inclusion

Politically controversial conversations continue to spew from the social media accounts of AOTA leaders.  These conversations represent...

Why there is not much more to say about the NYS Early Intervention Program

I got an interesting question in email today so I decided I would answer it publicly.  The email asked You used to write a lot about early...

The incompatibility of population-based public health models with the occupational therapy profession

The following Twitter conversation underscores the problems with use of a population health model in an occupational therapy context ...

Pushing back against a 'Fourth Paradigm' in the occupational therapy profession

Occupational therapists have a century long tradition of identity confusion and that has been complicated by incrementalism in how the...

Notes on the AOTA Continuing Competence Standards Draft

The American Occupational Therapy Association has a Commission on Continuing Competence and Professional Development (CCCPD).  The CCCPD is...
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