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Hi, I'm Chloe, a 13-year old triathlete. I started competing in triathlons as the relay swim leg with my family. My Dad was the only one with a bike, and my mom was the only one that ran! It's two years later and we ALL compete in triathlons, doing every leg ourselves, even my little brother.... Full Bio
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Regional Recap.

Yesterday I had my regional swim meet. It went really really well! On the way to the meet my mom told me that I should drink...

No More Club Swimming

I have officially stopped swimming with my club team. I just couldn't handle all the stress of high school, and swimming combined! I know it...

Stuff My Coach Says

My parents try to convince me that the only reason that my coach is yelling at me is because she cares about my stoke or kick. While I...

I have the slowest tempo in the history of swimming

The other day I made back to swim practice, and I have been going at least four times a week. Practices only are and hour and a half, and we...

Back And Ready To Swim

I have some sad news.. I can no longer walk out my door and enjoy and open water swim. I just moved to Kentucky. Anyway, I am...

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