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20 something living where people work all year to spend a week. It is a great place to live, but surreal at times. I enjoy wine and working out - working on balancing the two. 
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I've Moved! I've Moved!

Over blogger - check out my new page on TUMBLR! Running With A Bottle Of Wine Please check it...

Some Wise Words

Thanks Sarah for the wise words during the Seaside Half Marathon!

FINALLY! Tri season is almost here!!

I have been working my ASS off all 'non-tri season' working on my run.  As I've said before, most of it is a mental battle for me.  I've been...

Hello - this is Rev3 calling

I work in the hospitality service - and I know a thing our two about how much is costs to stay in a high end house on the beach on a four star...

Goodbye Princess - it was a good ride!

So last year I decided to get a new bike. I love love love the Duchess and she fits like a glove (of course - she's  a Quintana Roo   CD0.1 !!...

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