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Port Murray, New Jersey
My current focus is on, a whole senior wellness information project. Our focus in on the health and lifestyle issues of older adults and their families. We are currently seeking content contributors on the topics of health, finance and legal issues of older adults and their... Full Bio
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Spend time on health and wellness instead of illness mangement

Tags November 7, 2014 I love this…… someone else has had the same...

Are you following someone else’s or and old outdated fitness plan?

Tags October 22, 2014 You know that old saying… If you don’t have a...

Slow focused movement practice is good for everyone who does anything

Tags October 17, 2014 The title of this may seem a bit broad in it’s rage,...

The center of it all – finding where your balance point starts

September 8, 2014 Today there was a new student in class who was having...

The beauty of connecting breath to motion

Tags September 1, 2014 Tai Chi movement takes fairly intense concentration...
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