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Gulliver's Travels by elizabeth Still Life with CWHO and Frida** "Absolutely,"  Christie said. "I will crack down and not permit it." That was the answer Governor Chris Christ ... Read on »
Safe Option for Seizures: Here's Something You All Can Do by elizabeth A few minutes of your day can help to change things in this crazy old world. Here's what you need to do: Watch the PSA Recognize that it's a step forward ... Read on »
SOS by elizabeth Oliver has learned Morse Code, downloaded an app to "do it" and walks around the house communicating with us. The only trouble is that each dot and each dash on the ... Read on »
Scary Online Courses for Nurses and Physicians Assistants by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor I was delighted to  read an article in today's New York Times by Tamar Lewin stating that Yale Medical School was denied an online program for physician assistant maste ... Read on »
Paper Flowers by elizabeth I sit every morning now at my computer with the sound of heavy machinery, including drills, in the background as the workers continue to construct the latest McMansi ... Read on »
Other by elizabeth The impulse to separate some groups of people from the category of the human, is, however, a universal one. The enemies we kill in war, the convicted prisoners we lo ... Read on »
Can Pinhole Glasses Improve Your Vision Naturally? by Len S. Patient Expert By Frank Foley Prescription lenses use magnified glass to correct any refractory eye issues, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. These issues occur when ligh ... Read on »
Easter! by Donna Well, I'm over a week late but I hope everyone had a happy Easter! Especially since Zach and Alex just wanted to be boys! Alex was intrigued for a minute or ... Read on »