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Yesterday was an upsetting day ... by elizabeth Yesterday was an upsetting day when the trivial medium of Facebook became heavy, weighted in pretension. The stomach churns, acquaintances repel and are repelled. Fuck al ... Read on »
Where Did January Go? by Summer         Wow, Christmas came and went so fast and now January is gone too! Sometimes I really don't know where the time goes,  the days tend to blend together. Our Christmas ... Read on »
Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear (an inappropriate post) by elizabeth I hear the whir of the rope even as I turn into the parking spot, the tick tick of my own signal still going. I sit and watch in the rear-view mirror and then th ... Read on »
Dispatch from the Revolution: Cannabis Update and Contortions by elizabeth New York City, 1996 to Christy When Sophie got home from school today, I noticed that she'd once again not drunk much of anything. I gave her the a ... Read on »
The Dragons Eliza Wants to Be. by Anne RIchter I recently posted about Eliza's ongoing, and worsening, eating issues and how basically after almost 9 years of dealing with this I not only feel like the last man standin ... Read on »
When Your New Driver Teenager Forgets to Text You That He's Arrived Safely at School by elizabeth I am wondering whether he's getting ready to ask me for a new pair of lacrosse cleats. Read on »
Getting A Nursing Degree Will Change Your Life And Maybe the World by Len S. Patient Expert Submitted By Katherine Smith If you’re thinking of a career change, getting a nursing degree can transform your life. What’s more, it doesn’t have to take as long as ... Read on »
Thoughts on Sibling Issues by elizabeth I've been talking a lot lately to friends and colleagues about sibling issues -- not just the near-constant bickering and conflict between typical siblings (ahem ... Read on »
You Are My Greatest Adventure by Lea I have been horrible. I yearn to write, yet the words seem stuck.  I feel when I write, yet I am unsure of what I feel.  I have to write, yet I don't make the time.... ... Read on »
WordPress Plus Google Opens Portals to 1.2 Million Cities Through Travel Site by Len S. Patient Expert This article is provided by PRWeb , please share your comments in the section below….. A new tool for exploring the businesses of 1.2 million cities around the world ... Read on »