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10 Tips When Teaching Children Self Help Skills by Your Therapy Source Here are 10 tips to help teach children to be independent with self help skills and everyday routines 1.  Make sure you have time to give the child your undivided a ... Read on »
How To Keep Your Food – And Your Insulin – Down During The Holidays by Len S. Patient Expert This article is courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine, please share your comments below….. Don’t let holiday feasts come back to haunt you – planning meals can ... Read on »
Downward Dog Yoga Pose - Stretch, Strengthen and Relax by Your Therapy Source This Downward Dog Yoga Pose is a free sample from Yoga Cards . The purpose of the downward dog pose is to1.  improve balance. 2.  stretch the back and the hamstring muscl ... Read on »
Advocacy While Laying Low by elizabeth from Mimi and Dona a documentary by Sophie Sartain My college friend Sophie Sartain's new documentary is set to air on Monday, November 23rd on the PBS s ... Read on »
$1 Million Scholarship Award by Len S. Patient Expert This article is courtesy of PRWeb and my Alma Mater, Monclair State University….. Fifty northern New Jersey high school students will be able to achieve their dreams ... Read on »
Ringing In The Ears: What Does It Mean? by Len S. Patient Expert By Darby Jones Are you experiencing ringing in your ears, but the room around you is silent? Here we lay out the truth about that ringing in your ears and what it m ... Read on »
Sneak Peak on Xeriscaping Project by elizabeth We've ripped up our front and back yards and replaced the grass with planting beds, California native plants and mulch. It's been four weeks of work, and it's starti ... Read on »
5 Tips to Support Risk Taking in Children by Your Therapy Source Do you allow children to explore enough?  Risk taking is so important in childhood. This generation of children is so shielded from many risks that perhaps you and I w ... Read on »
Going Outdoors to Improve Attention Span by Your Therapy Source The Journal of Attention Disorders published research on the benefits of walking in a park to increase attention span. A small group of 17 children with ADHD, particip ... Read on »
My Syrian Relatives, Part 4 by elizabeth Splendor in the Grass Well, we had quite a brouhaha when I posted earlier about my Syrian relatives. One of my cousins was extremely upset and let loose ... Read on »