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Late already by Erin R. I have so much to write, and so little time to write it. In an effort to continue breastfeeding as long as I can, I squeeze in pumping sessions between my diabetic rounds. S ... Read on »
Down syndrome – Information & Education by Len S. Patient Expert I am pleased to announce the possibility of some Ds educational pieces coming soon from the Down syndrome community. The reason why I say ‘possibility’ is because many ... Read on »
You're A Good, No Make That Great, Mom! by Naturallysta Not sure who I can attribute this piece to since it's been doing the rounds on social media without any citation as such but it fits my mantra and the theme of this blog s ... Read on »
Top Three Traits Of Successful Boot Camp Owners by Len S. Patient Expert Bedros Keuilian is known in fitness circles as the boot camp marketing expert; a title he’s earned by founding the fast-selling fitness franchise in the country and coac ... Read on »
Is Chocolate Vegan? by Len S. Patient Expert It’s important – even for non-vegans – to answer the question, “Is this chocolate vegan?” Wei of Chocolate founder Lisa Reinhardt issues a new report with 3 Secrets to E ... Read on »
Dentist Offers 7 Tips For Finding The Perfect Dentist by Len S. Patient Expert Nearly one-third of all Americans did not see a dentist in the last year, and Louisville dentist Dr. Ronald Receveur knows there are many factors that contribute to that ... Read on »
Dentist Offers 7 Tips For Detecting Oral Cancer by Len S. Patient Expert The recent news of baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn’s passing due to mouth cancer landed hard on Dr. Saj Jivraj, prosthodontist and founder of the Anacapa Dental Art In ... Read on »
Seahorse Days of August by elizabeth August 2010 I can sit in the cheap garden chair, coffee in a yellow cup on the arm and the small fountain that Oliver built gurgling beside me, reading. ... Read on »
How To Start A Fitness Boot Camp Business While Still Training Private Clients by Len S. Patient Expert The boot camp is fast replacing the big gym as a solution for people seeking to get fit. That trend has led to huge growth in the number of boot camp businesses. But Bed ... Read on »
Intervention Through Text Messages Cuts Binge Drinking In Young Adults by Len S. Patient Expert - Courtesy of PRWeb …..what is your opinion? Using text messaging to collect drinking data and to offer immediate feedback and support to young adults discharged fro ... Read on »