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A lot of August by Terri Other HAPPY and EXCITING things that have happened this month. We went to the annual Iowa Make a Wish reunion. We made it into a mini vacation. ... Read on »
Health Briefs TV To Present View On Obesity Update by Len S. Patient Expert Article courtesy of PRWeb , please share your comments below….. Health Briefs TV will soon present a segment covering the updates on obesity. Health Briefs TV i ... Read on »
Brainless and Just About 52 by elizabeth I've got some whiney first world problems that include a broken air-conditioner. We're moving into one of those godawful late summer, early fall heatwaves here in ... Read on »
10 Back to School Tips for School Based Therapists by Your Therapy Source It is that time of year again – back to school.  Here are 10 tips to help you get started on the right “foot” (for the PTs) or “write path” (for the OTs).  Get it hahahaha ... Read on »
When M.Ds Order Tests and Treat Outside Their Areas of Expertise by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor I am always amazed when I am told about doctors who have training in one area of medicine, but have the arrogance to treat patients in fields of medicine not in their a ... Read on »
How We Do It: Part LIV by elizabeth No one really wants to rage, except when there's nothing about which to do so. My own simmers below the surface of things, beautifully contained. Savory. Hot springs ... Read on »
Movement, Math and Visual Perceptual Skill Freebie - Roll, Move and Cover by Your Therapy Source Here is a fun game,  Roll, Move and Cover  that incorporates movement, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills and math skills.  It is a freebie game from  Animal Acti ... Read on »
Spitfire 2.0, and, phew. by Erin R. Here I was, concerned about my lack of contact with students at this new job...Hah! I spent three hours this morning dealing with an out of control kindergartner with Type 1 ... Read on »
The ABC’s of Packing Healthy School Lunches by Baby Mum-Mum .. Patient Expert The summer is winding down and school is back in session.   Whether it be packing a lunch, an after school snack, or sending your little one to daycare with a meal in tow; t ... Read on »
Rejuvenation by elizabeth Yesterday I read the most amazing article in the London Review of Books (a somewhat ponderous publication that I get and dutifully flip through) titled A Lazarus Bes ... Read on »