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Nicholas' 6th Angel Day - Honouring and Remembering... by Lea Nicholas' 6th Angel Day ~ Honouring and Remembering ... Read on »
SIG Alert by elizabeth SIG Alert: any unplanned event that causes the closing of one lane of traffic for 30 minutes or more defined by California Highway Patrol and originated in 1955by ... Read on »
Mulleygrubs by elizabeth The Cure Lying around all day with some strange new deep blue weekend funk, I'm not really asleep when my sister calls to say she's just hung up from talking ... Read on »
Fragmented Iconoclast by elizabeth Weird, right? These new phones are a marvel. I am not an iPhone lady, but I am a Samsung Galaxy lady, and Oliver showed me how to turn a plain old photo into a styli ... Read on »
Fun Weekend! by Donna Saturday afternoon we went out for a little walk - the kids and Aaron had been out exploring and making sure we could get Alex around. Me and Kate Zach and Kate' ... Read on »
What Are You Doing This Thursday Evening? by elizabeth Los Angeles! Come to our Shebooks Shebang!  This Thursday.  Shebooks Party and Reading October 23 7:30 - 10 pm Admission: $5 Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock ... Read on »
Shooting into the light by elizabeth That time we lived in the old evangelical church with the full-immersion baptismal font right in the middle of the living room. Was there a painting on it, some fa ... Read on »
Outdoor Party Safety Tips For Kids by Len S. Patient Expert By Sheena Williams There is a lot to plan for the kids on their vacation, where countless games and outdoor activities bring the best of fun and enjoyment to their v ... Read on »
Homecoming by elizabeth Of all the photos I took tonight of Henry and his beautiful date to the homecoming dance, I think this was my favorite. There's a story behind it about last minute h ... Read on »