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The Crossing of The Lines by David B. Quite a few years ago, I was given some of the best advice I could have ever been given when it comes to writing.  It was given as a random tidbit of information, without ... Read on »
Halloween Safety Tips For Your Pet by Len S. Patient Expert By Dr. Jeff Werber Dr. Jeff explains how to keep your pets safe, calm and free from danger this Halloween. · Candy is meant to attract, and it does. Candy isn’t ... Read on »
Nicholas' 6th Angel Day - Honouring and Remembering... by Lea Nicholas' 6th Angel Day ~ Honouring and Remembering ... Read on »
Happy Birthday by David B. I remember the day she was born, but not with the same fond memories that most have.  The day was tainted, and quickly went from what could have been one of the best days ... Read on »
SIG Alert by elizabeth SIG Alert: any unplanned event that causes the closing of one lane of traffic for 30 minutes or more defined by California Highway Patrol and originated in 1955by ... Read on »
Balancing Diet, Physical Activity Key To Combating Obesity Epidemic by Len S. Patient Expert Submitted by Matt Raymond New Article Makes Recommendations for Public Health Strategies Is it possible for experts from the leading nutrition and sport medicine ... Read on »
Mulleygrubs by elizabeth The Cure Lying around all day with some strange new deep blue weekend funk, I'm not really asleep when my sister calls to say she's just hung up from talking ... Read on »
I Don’t Know by David B. The terrible twos, they tell you, are the worst years.  Yet still some others beg to differ, and claim that no, three is the worst year ever.  I’m beginning to realize tha ... Read on »
How To Identify Signs Of High Cholesterol And Lower Cholesterol Naturally by Len S. Patient Expert According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one in every six Americans has high cholesterol. New York Times and USA Today Best Selling auth ... Read on »
Fragmented Iconoclast by elizabeth Weird, right? These new phones are a marvel. I am not an iPhone lady, but I am a Samsung Galaxy lady, and Oliver showed me how to turn a plain old photo into a styli ... Read on »