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You are my....

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:03pm
Saw this on someone else's blog and I absolutely adore it....

You are my I love you?by Maryann K. Cusimano?Philomel Books, 2001??

I am your parent;?you are my child.?I am your quiet place;?you are my wild.??I am your calm face;?you are my giggle.?I am your wait;?you are my wiggle.??I am your carriage ride;?you are my king.?I am your push;?you are my swing.??I am your audience;?you are my clown.?I am your London Bridge;?you are my falling down.??I am your carrot sticks;?you are my licorice.?I am your dandelion;?you are my first wish.??I am your water wings;?you are my deep.?I am your open arms;?you are my running leap.??I am your way home;?you are my new path.?I am your dry towel;?you are my wet bath.??I am your dinner;?you are my chocolate cake.?I am your bedtime;?you are my wide awake. (ain't that the truth)??I am your finish line;?you are my race.?I am your praying hands;?you are my saying grace.??I am your favorite book;?you are my new lines.?I am your night-light;?you are my starshine.??I am your lullaby;?you are my peekaboo.?I am your goodnight kiss;?you are my I love you.

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