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Xanthippe, back in the saddle

Posted Jan 23 2013 5:00pm

That's me in my car, waiting for one of my children to come out of an appointment, looking (as Brittany told me on Instagram) insouciant.

Insouciant:  free from concern, worry or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant; marked by blithe unconcern (from the French in - not and souciant - trouble, first documented usage 1799)

Hilarious! I particularly love the phrase blithe unconcern.

Lately, I've thought of myself more as a Xanthippe.

Xanthippe: a nagging, ill-tempered woman (after Xanthippe, wife of Socrates, who was portrayed as a nagging, quarrelsome woman, the word derived from xanthos (yellow) + hippos (horse), first documented usage was 1691)

Being back in the saddle, haranguing insurance companies, driving carpools, staying married and parenting all call for the Yellow Horse, no?

Reader, are you insouciant or a Xanthippe?

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