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Women And Hair Loss

Posted Jun 05 2013 7:00pm

By Toni Love

womanarmup Today, a lot of women are suffering from baldness and thinness of hair. In many cases, it is a medical problem. But, sometimes baldness and hair loss can occur from genetics, hereditary, some form of damage, poor diet, lack of circulation, etc. As far as genetics, a parent can have fine or thin hair and as one ages, baldness occurs. The same growth pattern can be seen as their children get older.

Many women love experimenting with their hair. They like to color, obtain curls through permanent waves, and today, a lot of women are chemically straightening their hair. All of these procedures will allow for beautiful results, but, if done too often, they will cause damage. The damage comes from over-processing, which will result in hair loss, dry and brittle hair, and sometimes, scalp damage.

Women are busy working, transporting kids to practices and other functions, taking care of home and the family, and other duties. They miss meals or pick up something in the midst of multi-tasking. Stopping for fast foods or eating something quick, but, not necessarily nutritious. The hair and scalp are nourished by the foods eaten, causing the hair to appear healthy and alive. When the hair looks limp and dead, either it is over-processed or the person has a very poor diet.

In order for hair growth to be stimulated, the blood needs to circulate properly. Therefore, the scalp needs to be rejuvenated by massaging it and the hair needs to be brushed. Try to massage the scalp at least once a week and the hair should be brushed daily. To obtain healthy hair and prevent hair loss, make a few minor changes and the results should be seen fairly quickly.

In order for hair growth to be stimulated, the blood needs to circulate properly. Therefore, the scalp needs to be rejuvenated by massaging it and the hair needs to be brushed.

If a woman is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, she will see some sort of hair loss or even total baldness. There are solutions available until the hair grows back. She can contact a “certified” hair loss specialist in her area to inquire about a wig prosthesis or a cranial prosthesis. In most cases, it is covered through insurance. But, the patient will need to inquire about the coverage, in regards to her insurance plan. Many women opt for the prosthesis because it looks and feels very natural. The prosthesis can be removed daily or it can be applied to last for months at a time. The color and hair texture will more than likely match almost perfectly. They are very popular among hair loss patients.

Lastly, the impact hair loss has on a woman is detrimental. Many women suffer in silence, too embarrassed to tell anyone or allow themselves to be seen without a scarf, wig, or extensions. Today, is a new day! There are so many products on the market to assist women who suffer. So, get that self-confidence back in tact and get out and explore. There is a solution out there for you!

- Toni Love is an international platform stylist and educator, holding instructor’s licenses in Cosmetology and Barbering; she is a Certified Instructor and a twice-published author. A graduate of the Hair Design Academy, Toni has taught students in both private and public schools. She currently owns Toni Love’s Training Center L.L.C., located in Atlanta, Georgia. Her book, Tips To Passing The Cosmetology State Board Exam, can greatly improve the odds of passing the state board exam. She also authored The World of Wigs, Weaves and Extensions, a must-have for all successful stylists using artificial hair. Released December 2001, and published by Milady Publishing, it can be purchased directly from Toni and is available in topnotch bookstores like Books-A-Million, Barnes & Nobles and Border Books as well. Additionally, Toni is a contributing writer for Milady’s Standard Textbook of Cosmetology.

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