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WINGBO dream made a possibility by Challenged America

Posted Oct 02 2009 3:07pm
I've been trying to keep up here, really I have. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I have a long list of blog topics saved in random notes on my iPhone...0 ne day at a time, however! I just have so much to say, so much to share, and not NEARLY enough time to do it!!

During these few minutes of nothingness I'm relishing in, I wanted to post something current to me. Brayden, my darling baby and the purpose of starting this wonderful blog, is globally delayed... He works his little tookis off in therapies, sometimes 5-6 a week and works with me the rest of the time. Although he has come so far, he has a long way to go. But, we're not pushing the issue, just taking it moment to moment and savoring the little miracle milestones he is able to achieve.

The biggest thing we have been working on, is head and neck control. I took this ability for granted with my first two children, then again what parent of a typical child doesn't take those milestones for granted? It's very hard not to, it just seems like the natural flow of things. Not so in a very special baby. Brayden is now 15 months old, or will be as of tomorrow, and he has great head control as long as he has something to help him (like his mommy). He's made great progress, since he previously could not move his head at all, and now he can turn both directions and lift from back to front if he falls back too far. And that's not all, he also can push up regularly at a 45degree angle while in tummy-time and sometimes amazes his therapist and mommy alike by pushing all of the way up to a 90degree angle, like he did today :) Now if only he would stay in tummy-time more, maybe that flat spot on the back of his head would diminish...maybe, although plagiocephaly is the least of my concern for him! It would just be an added bonus...

On the subject of tummy-time, my 'lil man HATES tummy-time, possibly more than cheese...and he really gags over cheese! So for many months now, I've fondly pondered over purchasing aWINGOafter seeing another child in action on a friends blog. There is a nation-wide plight to express the importance of tummy-time for all children, but what am I supposed to do when he is just absolutely miserable while in this position... WINGBO can possibly be our rescue! Here's some information about this marvelous piece of equipment:

Tummy time is a very basic, age-old play concept that has been a part of child rearing for centuries. Unfortunately, it has been largely overlooked in the past decade. In fact, researchers have found that this lack of tummy time has lead to an increase in gross motor delays. Researchers now say that moving and exploring the world in a prone position not only has great benefits for locomotory skills but also stimulates babies' brains in new and important ways.

wingbo enables baby to see from a new perspective and makes tummy-time easier and more enjoyable. The ergonomic design also helps baby use muscles associated with balance and coordination.

wingbo is the first swing in the world where babies and young children actuallyswing themselves, as the ergonomic design promotes a healthy, comfortable, prone position. This self-sufficiency makes for self-confidence. From the very beginning, wingbo supports locomotory development, promotes a healthy posture, stimulates mental development and broadens the basis for a self-confident personality.

wingbo is a great way to meet your baby's physical needs while encouraging mental development. Introduce your baby to wingbo - and introduce a brand new perspective on the world.

Now, even if you don't know Brayden, this seemingly wonderful swing sounds marvelous!! If you know a baby that can benefit from one of these, pass this information along. That is the greatness that you can achieve as a typical child with the WINGBO, as for our extra special little's some more wonderfulness we hope to explore.

Wingbo has benefits for special needs infants and young children. It can be a therapeutic tool for use in institutions and practices as well as privately in homes. Wingbo is recommended for use by pediatricians, physical therapists and early intervention specialists. Wingbo is recommended for developmental delays and conditions including Down syndrome, autism, spinabifida, cerebral palsy, preemies, visual impairments and infants with multiple handicaps.

Limited Acceptance of tummy time:There is an increased acceptance of the tummy position when placed on wingbo. Infants placed on their tummies on the floor can roll over if they are unhappy, wingbodoesn ’t allow for this, therefore the infant can benefit from being on his tummy. The swing also gives the baby a new perspective on their surroundings and makes interaction with him easier for the caregiver.

Visual Impairments:Movement and supported posture can stimulate visual responses in infants with visual impairments. These infants, once placed on wingbo, have an immediate reaction of lifting their heads up. The position of the swing helps build strength and stability.

Down Syndrome:Wingbo helps with the factors that impact the gross motor development of a child with Down syndrome. Wingbo helps improve low muscle tone and loose joints by developing strength and endurance. Sessions on wingbo can help reduce developmental delay by strengthening the neck and shoulder girdle muscles, which is important for head control and for rolling and crawling. With practice, her strength will improve and she will be able to lift her head higher and stay in the prone position for longer periods.

Torticollis:From the first time the infant is placed on wingbo the infant is able to stretch and strengthen his neck muscles. Time in wingbo is also valuable time spent with no contact on the back of the babies head, important for infants at risk for plagiocephaly.

Hip Dysplasia:There is promising implementation for hip dysplasia. The spread position of the upper leg leads to an improved development of the hip joint socket. Placing the legs in flexion and abduction results in a correction of the leg and foot position.

Sensory Integration:It is possible to use the swing for vestibular stimulation as a part of Ayers sensory integration treatment. By making the swing rock by themselves coordination is schooled in the senses later needed for developing symmetry and bi- laterality of posture. Wingbo helps children integrate spatial, movement, and balance awareness that are provided by the swinging movement.

Acid Reflux:Experts suggest that the best position to place an infant in after meals is on their tummies with their heads slightly propped up. The ergonomic prone position of wingbo suits this need.

As wonderful as this piece of plastic sounds, for us, this has been on our list of "wants" for quite some time...however $199.99 for a plastic swing seems to have taken the back burner to some more valuable needs, such as groceries, clothing, know, all that sort of stuff. However, my gobs of information and love from the people I meet have come to great use, yet again!

Although, the topic was switch toys (which will be a different post all together, once I've weeded through the many sites and catalogs I've accumulated ), the website for Challenged America was recommended for help in providing for items that we normally would not be able to afford without taking out a small loan :) It turns out thatChallenged Americais able to give $500 grants to provide equipment/services/etc. for children with special circumstances.

Upon visiting the website, I was enlightened to find yet another wonderful story full of inspiration...another reminder of the, no less than wonderful, people that exist on this planet. Here is the story of Challenged America:

What is Challenged America?

Randy Bertish, President ofThe My Gym-Challenged America Foundation, created Challenged America for the purpose of helping physically challenged children attain an improved quality of life.

Randy has a personal understanding of the daily struggles faced by those with physical disabilities. Now, 14 years after surviving a near fatal accident and resultant coma, he strives each day to triumph over many deficits and is determined to regain his ability to walk independently. Randy is extremely thankful to have had the funds available for proper medical treatment and is well aware that many others are not as fortunate. He is living proof of what willpower and hard work in combination with appropriate medical attention can accomplish and wishes the same level of success for every child in need.

How tragic, though often the case, that a physically challenged child’s well-being or chance of reaching his/her full potential should be jeopardized by adverse economic circumstances. It is in response to this distressing reality that Challenged America has been established. We are a registered nonprofit 501 ( c ) 3 organization, with funds raised through grants, corporate sponsorships, private donations and special events such as “Take a Chance for the Kids.”

The Challenged America Website is a medium through which disadvantaged, physically challenged children (or their parents)
submit requestsfor medical attention, rehabilitative therapy and/or assistive devices they would otherwise be unable to obtain. The benefits to the children go far beyond the physical. Assistance from Challenged America can improve their quality of life, help them gain confidence and self-esteem, and ease their reentry into the community. The encouragement and support from Randy and his organization, alone, can result in their becoming inspired to conquer adversity and lead productive and rewarding lives.

Challenged America is Randy Bertish ’s way of turning his own personal tragedy into a positive force. He loves children and is committed to
making a positive differencein their lives through his philanthropic efforts.

Making a Positive Difference

Gift appropriations from the My Gym - Challenged America Foundation are determined by its Board of Directors and based on greatest need, whom we can best assist, funds available, and long term impact on the child’s quality of life.

All requests to Challenged America will be acknowledged via e-mail or regular post. The Board meets periodically to make the difficult decision as to how many candidates we can help, and those selected will be notified.

Since that information has been copied and pasted, the hyperlinks are if you want to learn more please visit their website. I have filled out a grant request form to purchase the WINGBO for Brayden, it would be wonderful to be accepted for a grant. However, our WINGBO dream will never will just be in the further future of purchases!

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