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Will the Affordable Health Care Act Be Saved?

Posted Mar 26 2012 2:25pm

As the Supreme Court starts three days of hearings and arguments about the Affordable Health Care Act, I am wondering why they are even bothering? I doubt that they will consider the law, but just vote along party lines. Justice Clarence Thomas should certainly not have a vote since his wife has a firm that has lobbied against the act since it was passed. I would be greatly embarrassed if I were Justice Thomas, but I suspect that little bothers him.

As a physician who has seen many people without health care and known how much they have suffered, I know how much we need this bill to be enforced. I still don't understand why many of the provisions don't go into effect until 2014, but perhaps that was the only way they could get it passed. The things that have already been accomplished are: College age young people can stay on their parents' health insurance until they are twenty-six and the insurance companies cannot deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. This is a particularly important provision. Also, an individual's insurance cannot be cancelled if he or she has very expensive medical care. Preventive health care services are covered which will save much money in the long-term. Of great importance is that women will have their health care covered for things such as breast X-rays, contraceptives, and Pap smears. This will save tremendous amounts of money and lives.

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