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Will Congress Finally Do Something About Gun Violence?

Posted Dec 15 2012 6:57pm

As Americans watched yet another horrible tragedy unfold yesterday, I'm sure many of us were asking why can't this nation do something about the terrible gun violence we are seeing almost daily? Other civilized countries don't have our problem. Last year we had 11,000 gun related deaths, whereas the United Kingdom had 60. Our members of Congress should be embarrassed and ashamed.

In reading about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter in the New York Times today, the individual seems to fit the profile that I have seen in almost every shooter. He is a loner, silent, seems to not fit in and in this case may have not finished high school and could perhaps have Asperberger's Syndrome. Why did his mother have all those weapons? What kind of anger did the man have against her that she should die along with 20 innocent chidlren and six adults, including the principal and school psychologist. Why didn't someone help the young man if he was in trouble?

We need more mental health facilities and professionals. Schools need psychologists to help deect kids in trouble. Schools also need social workers to find appropriate help for kids in trouble and for kids who drop out. We need to be sure all those who buy guns have backgroud checks and no one is able to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check.There should be a ban on assult weapons and the loop holes in gun legislation should be closed. Gun owners can still buy guns for hunting, but having a gun in the house usually causes more problems than it prevents, particularly with children in the house.  

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