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Why Patients Settle for Inadequate or Poor Medical Care

Posted Jan 25 2012 11:51am

I am always amazed and sad when intelligent people, who can afford the best medical care, settle for poor or even bad medical care. I've thought al lot about why this occurrs and think there are several reasons.  The first is probably that when a patient feels ill, he or she doesn't  have the energy to ask questions or do networking to find the best care. Often, too, a primary care doctor will make a referral to another physician, who is a friend or someone known through an organization or even a health club. This happens far too often, I am afraid. No patient should ever accept a referral without some investigating,  hopefully some networking, and asking several questions.

If you go to your state's medical board Web site and enter a doctor's name, you should be able to see if malpractice suits have occurred, the number of years in practice, training, and if the physician is board-certified or qualified. These are all important facts to discover. If a patient has a life threatening illness, metastatic cancer, or other bad prognosis, then often a second opinion should be obtained in another city or location. An example of this is if your treatment in your own city or location is not helping, then seeking care elsewhere could make the difference between life and death. Each adult patient or each parent must take control of their own health care or a family member's, if they are in charge. The days of the old family doctor, who had all the answers, are long gone and it is up to each of us to find the best  medical care for ourselves, our elderly parents, or children.


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