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Why I Should Be Chosen For Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Advisory Board

Posted Oct 12 2010 6:50am
Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media  is seeking to complete the formation of their 25-person Advisory Board. And t hey asked for my help . Sort of.

They've stated that they'd like to consider: "representatives from state, local or federal government, public health, medical and scientific journals, hospital and nursing associations, disease-oriented organizations and patient foundations, medical associations and specialty societies, and of course physicians. While we have a pair of patients among our initial members, we’re open to more. And we don’t want to limit nominations to the foregoing categories: we hope to also have representatives from other industries (such as the technology sector)..."

You know what is missing here?

Homer Simpson and Social Health

No, not lollipops.


DOH! {just kidding Guys.}

Speaking of which, did you notice the Advisory Board is mostly male? Granted these are some top dudes I follow and  learn a lot from, but maybe they could use a bit more estrogen on this panel. After all, they did say they were "seeking ... diversity in all its forms."

If they bring me on board they will have added an educated (Sociology), Latina, Single Mom raising a kid with a rare disease -- all wrapped up in one package. Trust me, if that isn't diversity, I don't know what is.

Their Mission Lead the Social Media revolution in healthcare. {Sort of like Jamie Oliver, but with computers and maybe stethoscopes.}

Did I mention I am a social media junkie, advocate and writer? {Read: Revolutionary} How could they not pick me?

But they don't have to take my word for it. They can just ask the folks at 5 Minutes For Special Needs , RARE Blog , Hopeful Parents , She Posts , Kidz , Complex Child or Vote 4 Hope what they think. Or maybe they could check out my growing Facebook or Twitter communities.

Either way I'm sure once they consider how my unique perspective as a caregiver can provide value to their panel they will be calling (or tweeting.) Maybe we will run into each other at Blog World Expo .

Thank you for the opportunity Mayo Clinic, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for peeking,

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