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Why Hello Stranger...

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:36pm
My name is Slacker, Slacker, McSlackerity Slack.

My bad.

The holiday ruckus of 2007 was just too much for my pretty little head to bear, and was so draining it sucked all the cyberspace right out of me. Airplanes, Allergic Reactions, and Christmas Chaos, Oh My!

A few choice moments from the wonderwhirl of our life:

1) Gabe started walking just before Thanksgiving. He is like a blur to me now... ever moving.

2) Gabe has started to gleefully disobey me. Seriously. I have never seen my disapproval bring such joy to anyone before. According to Pinko Grammy, he came by it honestly; need I say PG thinks it is hilarious? Funniest thing she has ever seen.

3) Gabe is now picking his nose to spite me.

4) Gabe had a mysterious allergic reaction over Thanksgiving and ended up in an out of state urgent care with a nasty case of the hives. Of course, as always, his medical history freaked the staff right out and he was hooked up to an oximeter in no time flat. Note to medicos - all screaming children stat low. Must stop wailing to breathe. Well then, after that was taken care of and they realized Gabe was breathing just fine (and the epi was likely unnecessary), somebody actually read his chart and realized he was there for a simple rash. Deep breaths all around, some funky medicine, and he was good to go. The hives disappeared into the mysterious void from whence they came.

5) Gabe is talking. Kinda. We are getting lots of "Yeahs", "Da das" and "Ma mas", which actually mean what they are supposed to. He has become quite fond of sign language and can sign "milk", "eat" ( my lord, that child follows me around all day signing "eat"; why even take him out of the highchair?),"shoes", "go", "train" and "I love you". The last one is beyond the valley of cute.
6) Gabe spent his second New Year's Eve at O'Hare airport throwing a fit... just like the rest of us. His first new Year's Eve was spent in the ER courtesy of a nasty little hacking cough, so I guess being trapped at an airport for most of the day is progress? Oh wait. No it isn't. I wasn't trapped with him last time.

7) Gabe can work Time Out like nobody' s business. I think he is actually becoming quite fond of his Time Out spot. Sigh.

8) He visited Urgent Care via our clinic for a cold this season. As usual, his medical history whipped them into a frenzy and after just a few hours he had " just a little bit of pneumonia. Or the fluid could be congestive heart failure." Off to Children's he went. The doctor at Children's walked in just as Sir Snores Alot had Gabe in a fit of giggles due to the infamous tickle wars that run in our family, took one look at Sir Gabe and said "I can tell you right now his heart is fine." But what about the pneumonia? Nope, none of that either. Let's try ear infection.

Quite the way to spend an evening.

9) Gabe and his big sister Emma are still quite in love with each other and wowsa - there is nothin' more gratifying than that. They both are such kind hearted loving children that we never cease to be amazed.

10) Gabe has finally stopped poking the cats in the eye. He now is gentle when I ask him to be. Usually.

When it works for him.

11) That child is running me ragged. I'm loving every minute of it. Kinda.

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