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Why does my preteen daughter have severe lower abdominal pain?

Posted by Bon

My 11 year old daughter was rushed to ER 4 weeks ago with severe abdominal pain directly above her belly button right in the center.  They checked her for appendicitis and found nothing.  After a few days the pain was gone.  Flash forward 4 weeks to this last Friday, 1/22/09 and we took her to the doctor for severe abdominal pain again, this time right in the center of the pubic area  below the belly button.  She also had a rash around her left breast and a little patch around her right breast.  The rash is not itchy or bothersome and is yellowish/tan color.

The pain was constant but manageable but would have several bouts a day where it was severe enough to double her over and leave her crying. They did blood work and sent us for an ultrasound of the kidneys, spleen, liver, uterus, and ovaries.  The ultrasound came back normal and we're waiting on blood work that involved something with hormones.

They said it could be related to ovulation, something like Mittelschmerz with the difference being that it was not on one side or the other like most ovulation pain but right in the center.  Then there's the odd rash.  Could the rash and pain have something to do with the pituitary gland?

 Our daughter has an AVM(arterial venous malformation) of the optic chaisim that is inoperable at this time.  The last MRI done the end of November showed no change in the size of the AVM and yet I still wonder if it's close enough to the pituitary gland to cause problems.  

I should mention that our daughter started her period June of last year with a pretty regular cycle with no pain.

Her dad and I are at a loss.  We feel this rash may be a clue to something since it is around the breast and could signal something hormonal. We also are confused that if the pain is related to ovulation then why is she in pain for the 5th day straight?  Ovulation does not last that long.

Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?  We'd love some answers as we hate seeing our baby girl going through so much pain, it's heart wrenching to say the least.

Thanks for reading this and we look forward to hearing some answers or from anyone who has experienced somethng similar.

Take Care

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