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Why does my infant son have a swollen face and bump on the back of his head?

Posted by slynn79

My 8 month old son has had what I, and his pediatrician,  thought was a clogged tear duct since birth.  His left side of his face and especially around the eye, is always swollen (more so when he wakes up in the morning) and he has a small lump on the back left side of his head, that feels like a swollen lymph node.

Today, I took him to the pediatric ophthalmologist to see about clearing the clogged duct problem.  However, she said there is nothing wrong with his duct or eyes!  Why then is his face swollen and what is the bump on the back of his head? Anyone else have any ideas?

I wasn't worried when I thought it was the tear duct, but now I am scared of something more sinister like lymphoma!  Help!

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